Fancy Hands is Hiring!!!

Fancy Hands is hiring virtual assistants to work from home right now!  If you have applied for this company in the past or tried to and have not been able to apply because they did not have any openings, please apply right away or as soon as you can before the positions are filled again.  I have included a job description from
their official website and the link below for you to apply online, if you are interested.  Please make sure that you share this with anyone who is looking for a work at home job.  Average pay is around $2.50 up to $7 per task and goes up from there.  Pays every other week!  Check out the description below.

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You’ll probably want to use Google Chrome for this process. Seriously, use Google chrome.
I’m currently hiring people to work as assistants for thousands of very discerning users of this site. If you have fast internet connection and the ability to use common websites and software, this could be a lot of fun. I’m looking for smart people who want to help build a great company and get paid. Keep reading if you’re interested. Are you good on the phone and great at internet research? This could be the perfect position for you.

The work

  • Making phone calls on behalf of people. Cancelling their cable (a lot harder than it sounds).
  • Scheduling appointments (doctors, business, etc)
  • Tracking down the best price for something.
  • Finding hotels that meet certain criteria.
  • Data entry

Who we’re looking for

  • Communication skills are a must. People will tell you what to do, you must be able to figure out what they’re asking for, and be able to get a clear response back to them.
  • You need to have a computer and a reliable internet connection.
  • People with knowledge of different fields.
  • Self starter, you should want to take on more responsibility and try new things.
  • Important You need to have a audio headset (with a microphone) to do this job (in some cases iPhone headphones work just fine).

The pay

  • To start, you’ll get paid per task depending on how quickly the task is finished, what time of day it is, and how complicated the task is. For example, let’s say you have 5 different tasks to make reservations at a restaurant. To start, tasks are worth anywhere from $2.50 to $7 per task and go up from there.
  • If interested, you may be promoted to a managerial type position, managing other assistants and helping ensure everything runs smoothly.
  • Payments go out every other week (on Tuesday) via Dwolla


  • This position and this company has huge room for growth.
  • You can define your own hours. Ideally, I want people around 24 hours a day, so if you’ve got time at 4 am, great! If you want to work 9-5, perfect!
In order to apply, you’ll need to log in using your Google account. 
We use this for login. We won’t have access to your email or password or anything. 
If you don’t have one, get one now. 
Seriously, get a account and use that.
Fancy Hands is Hiring!!!

9 thoughts on “Fancy Hands is Hiring!!!

  1. For some reason when I try to apply through this link and do the voice test nothing happens? What am I doing wrong?

  2. You are not doing anything wrong. The same thing happened to me and I tried 2 or 3 different times. I just proceeded to the next step and I was able to complete the application process. You may want to try to contact them and let them know about the issue you are having.

  3. Hi Alicia, I wanted to know if have they already hired? Because I tried to sign up on their main webpage and there is no more job openings.

  4. Hi Alicia,

    This is Mrs. Gentle L. again…Look, I was trying to give some info to a lady named Lacey on the site…my question is why are the comments deleted? Also, when I try to post the info I had it wouldn’t allow post? I’m not sure what’s wrong with your site…but it’s pretty weird. Anywho-are there any jobs that dont’ require paying money or spending money on a monthly basis and that has flexible hours and decent pay? I’m still trying for the virtual bee thing…but haven’t been called yet. But that’s only because I have to retest soon. But other than that, this seems to be the only legitimate on in appearance along with….help would be nice. thanks!

  5. Hi Mrs. Gentle L, I have had a number of people contact me about the comments on my website, which I don’t get to monitor on a regular basis. There were so many spam that I decided to try to modify it. I am working on another way for people to comment and even leave links that I can properly monitor. I am sorry about this and I hesitated to even remove them because there were so many helpful comments there. I will continue to try to work out a solution that will be beneficial for everyone. Sorry about any inconvenience this may have caused you. You will not have to spend any money to work from home, unless a particular company requires you to complete a background check. Some of the company you may consider applying for that are currently hiring are New Corp, Sutherland, Leapforce, American Support, Lionbridge, Butler Hill, and Apple just to name a few. I will post even more work at home jobs on my official website tomorrow on the Friday Freebie page.

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