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Have you decided to make a career from your writing and blogging? Do you need more leads to find legitimate online jobs but you just don’t have the time to search for those jobs because you are too busy writing? If you have answered yes to either one of those questions you don’t have to look any further. I have found more jobs for those looking to work from home.

If you have a special area of expertise there are many writing jobs that you can do from home. Everybody is an expert in something. If you are a mother you could write articles on child reading, parenting, cooking, how to find bargains, relationships, and more. Whether you are a fan of sports, celebrities, entertainment, horses, hobbies, crafts, etc. you could explore the creative side of your interest and channel it into writing and get paid for doing so.

Most of the jobs on this list are for writers and bloggers. One tip I can offer to you is to make sure that you read all of the writer’s guidelines before you submit your content. This is very important because it will save you a lot of time and effort. When you follow these guidelines per editor, the process will go a lot faster and be smoother. Happy Writing to all!

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If you have a college degree and you would like to write term papers for students and essay writing services for all academic levels, apply for this company. This job pays from $7-$15 per page.

Money 4 Blogs

If you have a blog that you update regularly and is at least 3 months old and has original content, you may be interested in this company. They pay instantly through your PayPal account. They do stipulate no adult or explicit content.

Fresh Healthy Vending

Hiring for several online positions. They need a blogger to compose blogs and educate potential customers on healthy vending and living a healthy lifestyle. This is a telecommuting position for 10-15 hours per week. They pay $10 per post. For article writers, the same job description applies to a blogger. They pay $15-25 per article. Mystery shoppers get paid $50 per assignment. A virtual assistant is paid $15 per hour plus bonuses. Phone support is paid $1,000 per week. Apply for all positions online.

As a member of the YouGov panel you will be part of a global community of people who share their opinions in return for points and rewards. Click Here


Get paid to write articles on how to restring, tune, maintain and upkeep an instrument as well as tuning tips. They pay up to $50 per article and up.

Nature Friend Magazine

This magazine appeals to kids ages 6-14. They need science projects and conversational stories for kids ages 6-8. They also need photo features. They pay .05 per word and .03 per word for reprints.

Today’s Parent

This is a magazine for parents of children up to age 14. They deal with pregnancy, birth, parenting, postpartum care, etc. They welcome freelance writers and will pay $700-$2,000 for features of 1,000-2,500 words. For articles, the pay is the same. They will reimburse $50 for long-distance telephone expenses for research on any material that is submitted to their publication. The editorial lineup for freelance writers pays $200 on subject matter such as mom time, health, behavior, etc.

Honolulu Magazine

This is a regional magazine that features stories not just limited to the city of Honolulu but the surrounding islands as well. They publish sports, history, personality profiles, lifestyle trends, and more. For features, the pay is $600-$1,800. For columns or short stories, they pay $100-$600.

Baby Corner

They need articles on babies, parenting, marriage, stay at home moms, and so forth. They pay .02 per word for first-time feature articles and .01 per word for personal mom-to-mom essays. They pay by check or PayPal.

Growing Edge Magazine

Feature articles on indoor and outdoor growers, hobbyists, commercial growers, etc. They pay .20 per word. For photos, the pay is $25. A cover photo is $175.

Looking for Clues

This company buys articles from new and established writers. The articles should be at least 6 paragraphs and contain no less than 800 words. They pay $15 and up. If you have a Youtube channel with at least 500 subscribers, they will pay you for your videos. They also pay for book, movie, and product reviews. They pay $10 and up per review.


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They accept feature stories and articles on pets. Writers receive a print byline and payment is based on experience.


Publishes articles on a variety of subjects. They typically pay between $35-$110 per story of 500-to 1,200 words.

Texas Home and Living Magazine

They welcome story proposals on lifestyle topics, personality profiles, gardening features, and Austin area home profiles. They pay $100-$300 per article.

She Knows

This is an online women’s magazine that is looking for featured columnist writers on a variety of topics. Pay is not disclosed until agreed upon on the contract.

Seeking articles on how to make more money writing. They pay for articles of around 600 words at a rate of $60. For feature reprints, the pay is $40. For success story reprints they will pay $20.


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