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Downloading apps can be a lot more beneficial to you than just to download the latest version of Clash of Clans.  You can even use a lot of apps to better manage your finances and get an income. These are some of our favorite this week.

Handle Your Money The Right Way

Mint.  When it comes to handling a budget, we’ve all tried almost every trick in the book.  You start with the simple envelope trick. You list different sections (i.e. car payments, travels, student loans, rent).  You then proceed to assign different quantities of your income to each of these envelopes.  This is all you can spend on each category, and if you run out of envelope money, you are up a creek.  There’s major downsides to this approach.  First: cash can get messy.  Second:  Maybe it’s easy for you to misplace certain belongings, carrying envelopes full of cash may not be the best idea.  Another really popular one among people is using Excel.  You do tables and charts on the percentages you’ll assign to each category, but can also be a little faulty.  The templates can be difficult to adjust to or do not match your needs.  As weeks go by you stop updating the budget as often as needed, or you can always just “forget” to update them when your latest purchase was “a bit outta budget”.

A few app-savvy people have begun to use Mint after researching for different ways to keep a budget.  Some remain skeptical, since you have to link your bank account information on the app, but at the end of the day it’s definitely helpful to keep a real-time update of your spending.  One of the cool features Mint has is, it can show you a cash flow for each month.  Having different credit cards, savings and checking accounts can get kind of tricky to determine your actual current balance out of the top of your head, let alone designate a percentage for each of your responsibilities.  When you use Mint, it allows you to determine how much money you’ll assign for each category, like travelling, education or rent.  Mint is also able to show you monthly reports showing what your trends on spending are, these get sent to your mail.  Once you receive these, you can input new information that adjusts in a better way on your budget, based on previous history.  Even if you’re not precisely good at keeping a budget you can change your settings so Mint can warn you on text, notification or an email.  Mint is an automated system that self-regulates with each transaction, making it totally easy for you.  A much more accessible way to get hold of your budget at all times, that’s Mint.

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Acorns.  Let’s say you have zero experience with stock trading but wish to start dribbling with that, this is a great app to begin with.  Once you’ve signed up, you’ll answer a series of questions regarding your finances.  Once that’s done, it comes up with specific portfolio designed for investments that fit you best.  Let’s get real for a minute, most of us millennials never consider diversifying our resources because we’re just too plain ignorant on the matter or don’t even consider it to begin with.  We stay with our regular savings account and rely on the low-interest rates for it to grow, when in reality it doesn’t really do much growing.  Acorn aims to get rid of the misconception and hindrance in stock markets, as well as the high fees associated with investing. As long as your portfolio’s worth is below $5,000, the app only costs $15 per year. An awesome plus is if you are 24 or younger, or a college student, investing is free on the app.  Acorns allows you to round-up your change and use that as investment.  Setting up deposits each week or transferring money to your portfolio at anytime are some of the available options for the app.  The interface is visually striking and shows a feed of where and how are your funds being assigned.  College students or any beginners interested in knowing how the market works, this is the app for you!

Make Money From Your Apps

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Fiverr.  You’ve heard of the website before, but this awesome website also has an app.  Fiverr’s premise is to be a marketplace to get gigs at for as low as five dollars.  It’s an easy way to promote any abilities or talents you think you could get paid for.  If you’re experienced or excel at a specific talent tuning it up and setting up an account is something that can make you stand out from others.

Studypool.  For your academic abilities on specific subjects, like math, writing, biology and such. Have you ever tried online tutoring?  It’s not necessarily as time-consuming as usually perceived. With the mobile app, you’re able to answer questions from anywhere at anytime.  Also on the app, you can check out the questions that are available to bid on, and from there pick one to answer. Studypool also gives out a  $25 bonus for answering your first 10 questions.  Getting paid by working on  Studypool is super easy.  Once the student is satisfied with the proposal you submitted, money goes into your PayPal account!  The only downside to this, is you may find yourself wanting to answer all the questions!  You can create a user, follow the guidelines and start answering away! Studypool and its online platform allows you to message with your students and have an ongoing conversation while you finish the work until they’re satisfied.


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