VCN is conducting a shopping study and video chats with men and women who shop at Macy’s for men’s clothing from 6/11 through 6/19.

If you are a male who shops for your own clothes at Macy’s or if you are a female who shops there for clothes for your significant other, this study is for you!

This project will take place in 3 stages.  During stage 1 you (either a male or female shopper) will be given an assignment to shop at your local Macy’s for a particular type of men’s clothing and make a short video of that experience.  In stage 2 the men will be sent some clothing to try out for themselves.  In stage 3 we will conduct a 30 minute follow up video chat to ask questions about the Macy’s shopping and product experience.

In order for female shoppers to be considered, we will need to make sure their male partner will be willing to try out the clothing and participate with them in the follow up video chat (as a couple).  The male shoppers will try out the clothing and will participate by themselves in the 30 minute follow up video chat.  Couples will be paid $200 upon completion of the project and the men who participate on their own will be paid $150.

As always, participants will need to have a working webcam/ microphone and strong internet connection to participate in this project.  You will also need to have a video recording device for making a short video while shopping at Macy’s and be able to upload that video to VCN.

Please take a minute to fill out this brief questionnaire so that we may determine if you qualify.  You must answer all questions for us to consider you for this study.

Thank you for your ongoing support of Video Chat Network.

Best Regards,

Jian Tam
Technical Director


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