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Are you going to be watching the Super Bowl tomorrow?  Will you be having a party?  If so, there is a fun project for you Super Bowl Partiers.  Video Chat Network, which is a online chat focus group is looking for people who will be having a Super Bowl party who would be willing to record 15 minutes of video footage of their party and upload it to their website for $100!  They will pay you within a week of your video submission by check or paypal.  If you would like to sign up for this project, please read the following post and sign up to be a panelist for Video Chat Network and include my user name aw1219 or you can send me your email address here and I will send you a personal invitation.  If you are not having a Super Bowl party, you can still sign up to participate in their various paid online chat focus groups.  Here are the details about the project.  

Super Bowl Partiers Needed for Fun Project!
We need some Super Bowl Partiers who would be willing to record some videos for us of their Super Bowl experiences, watching the game and talking about it with their friends/colleagues the day after.

We will need about 15 minutes of video footage based on an assignment guide we will provide to participants tomorrow morning.

If you are interested in this project, you need to have some sort of recording device (smart phone, flip cam, tablet, etc.) that you can use to capture the video footage and then be able to upload it to us no later then Monday, 2/4 by 6 pm (Eastern Standard time).  We will provide instructions on how and where to send it.

In return we will pay you $100!

If you are interested please take a moment to make us a quick video answering the questions below so that we may quickly determine if you qualify.  We will be selecting participants today, so please submit your video ASAP if interested!

Please follow these instructions for submitting your videos:

Go to:

Type in:
  User name:  upload
  Password:  password123

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Follow uploading instructions and label your video:
It is very important that you label your video with your full name and email address so we can be sure to identify you properly and get back to you promptly if you are chosen.

Thank you so much for your ongoing interest in VCN and enjoy the Super Bowl!!!

Best Regards,

Rachel Geltman

Please briefly answer the questions below in your video submission.

  1. Name, age, where live, family composition, occupation.
  2. Who do you want to win?  Ravens, 49’ers or impartial.
  3. How into the Super Bowl ads are you and the people you will be watching it with?
  4. Will you be hosting or attending a super bowl party?  If yes, please tell us how many people will be at the party and provide a brief description of them and their relationship to you.
  5. Do you think you would be talking about the Super Bowl the next day with friends/family/colleagues and where would that happen?  Please describe where those conversations would take place, with who and with how many people.  If they would occur at the office, please indicate where you work/industry along with how many people are in your office.   If they would occur somewhere else please be specific–for example with other moms at a playgroup the next day, with my girlfriends at lunch, etc. and let us know how many people you would be with. 
  6. Would you be willing to follow some brief assignments we would give you, which would involve asking people some questions and video recording them/their answers?  If so, would you be able to send the footage back to us by 6 pm on 2/4 (Eastern Standard Time)?


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