music xray

Music Xray update and tips for those who like to listen to music for cash!

If you love listening to various genres of music, Music Xray is a legitimate site that will pay you $0.10 for for every song that you listen to online for just 30 seconds.  This doesn’t sound like a lot of money but if you consistently have songs to listen to, you can earn up to […]

How to Make $12 per hour on Music Xray

If you are a music fan and enjoy listening to your favorite songs or new and upcoming artists on the radio, your iPod and elsewhere, you will love Music Xray.  Music Xray is a site that allows music fans to listen to and preview songs that you may or may not have heard on the […]

Payment proof from Music Xray and Scantopia

I made a video about 2 months ago entitled, “How to make 12 per hour listening to music” on my other YouTube channel called, “Workersonboard Insiders”.  Since I made this video, there has been a lot of questions, speculation and suspicions about if this really is a legitimate claim or way to make extra money […]

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