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Is it possible to earn $800 for just one article?  Yes, it really is.  The Penny Hoarder is a website that has an ongoing need for writers who can submit articles on how to earn money, save it, or find unique ways to invest your money so that it will grow.  If you are looking for additional ways to get paid for your content, look no further than the Penny Hoarder.

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What is the Penny Hoarder?

The Penny Hoarder is the #1 personal finance blog in the US.  It is followed by millions of readers and fans who are looking for interesting ways to make extra money.  In fact, the Penny Hoarder has been featured in several media outlets and publications including CBS, ABC, and even on  Just to put it into perspective based on numbers alone, the Penny Hoarder has over 5 million readers and more than 10 million page views each month…and counting.  But who’s really counting?  I am and here’s why.

Why should you write for the Penny Hoarder?

Not just for the obvious reason that you can earn up to $800 for one article alone but also because your article has the opportunity to be reached by millions of readers.  If you happen to be an aspiring writer or you have an interesting tip on how to earn money, save it up or make it grow, this would be the perfect gig for you.

If you own a blog or website and would like to contribute an article to the Penny Hoarder, you will also garner some attention for your blog or website as well as some new readers.  Having that kind of exposure or free advertisement for your blog for one article is something that you almost can’t put a price tag on.  But the Penny Hoarder does have a place for sponsors to advertise their site or blog- if you dare.

How to submit an article for the Penny Hoarder?

First, let me preface this by saying that you are not required to have any previous writing experience in order to submit an article to the Penny Hoarder.  All that is required, is for you to submit an article on the topics that I mentioned earlier of at least 700 to 900 words in a way that is fun and easy to read.  You will need to include real to life examples of yourself or someone else you know that has actually experienced or benefited from what your content subject is about.

The Penny Hoarder does recommend that you read over some of the posts and content contained on their official website so that you will have a feel of what their writing style is like.  This will help you to incorporate that same tone in your article.  They also require that you use your real name in your article.  You are not allowed to include affiliate links, however, you can add a bio at the end of your post which can link to your blog, website, or social media profile.

After your article has been completed, you will need to post it as an editable Google Doc and submit it to the

Can I really make $800 writing for the Penny Hoarder?

Yes, it is possible for you to make $800 for one article but it will depend on how much traffic it generates or how popular your post is.  For example, if your post reaches 50,000 pageviews, you will receive $100, twice a many pageviews earn you another $200 and 250,000 pageviews will earn you an additional $500!  This equals a grand total of $800 for one article.

Please keep in mind that you will not be able to include a link in your bio if you want to be paid for your article.  Paid writers are unable to have links attached to their articles.

How does the Penny Hoarder pay their writers?

The Penny Hoarders pays you for each published article(s) via PayPal at the end of the quarter.

Writing tips for new writers

  • Make sure that you do not copy content elsewhere and try to republish it on this site or any site.
  • Keep the tone light, fun, and interesting for readers.
  • Explain to the reader exactly how they can accomplish or put into practice what you have highlighted or talked about in your post.
  • Avoid using terms and wording that others may not be familiar with.
  • Try to write about something useful and practical so that your readers will be inspired to put it into action.
  • Write about things that you know or are passionate about.  This way your writing will seem effortless and appear more real and have a natural, organic feel to it.

If you try to incorporate some of these tips, your article has a good chance of getting published not just by the Penny Hoarder but by other blogs and publications.

Interested in writing for the Penny Hoarder?

If you want to submit your original article to the Penny Hoarder, please visit their official website here.  Make sure that you read over all their contributor guidelines to ensure that they will get published.

Please feel free to leave me your comments if you have previously had your article published by the Penny Hoarder or another blog or publication.

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