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images (30)There are quite a few sites and companies that you can sign up with to earn some fast cash from home.  Many of these sites don’t even require any skills and can be as simple as posting comments online, sending out tweets to your followers, participating in polls, reviewing websites and many other things that you probably already do online.  Some of these fast cash sites allow teens to make extra money from home or do not require any experience at all to get started.

If you wanted some fast cash like yesterday, give some of these sites a try.  Don’t forget that in order to keep earning cash you will need to be active with them.  Also remember that some of these sites pay within 24 hours, 3 days later or immediately.  Sign up with as many as you can to maximize your overall online earnings.

Make sure that you use these sites in addition to or in combination with other sites to increase your overall earnings to increase your income and make steady cash online.

The Forum Wheel

Get paid to comment and post on forums.

Feature Points

Get paid cash to try free apps for one minute.


Get paid to search the Internet.


Get paid to post on forums and comment on blogs.

BestMark Mystery Shopping

Bring Home the Bacon! Start Driving with DoorDash Today and make great money on your own schedule. Click Here to start.
Be rewarded for watching cool online videos at Swagbucks! The more you watch, the more Reward Points you earn! Join Today

Get paid cash fast to make mystery shopping calls from home.

Call Center QA

Get paid $5 per call to evaluate various businesses as a telephone mystery shopper and $2 per online mystery shop.


Get paid to offer a variety of random tasks from home.  Work your own schedule.

As a member of the YouGov panel you will be part of a global community of people who share their opinions in return for points and rewards. Click Here

Sponsored Tweets

Get paid to tweet out advertisers messages to your Twitter followers.


Get paid instant gift cards to listen to music, watch videos, take surveys and more.

Instant Cash Sweepstakes

Get paid cash to take mini polls every day.


Get paid cash back to scan your receipts.


Get paid cash to watch videos, play games, search the Internet and much more.


Get paid to listen to music, write a short review and review clothes.


Get paid to write, translate, search the web and do other mini tasks from home.


Get paid cash or gift cards to watch movie trailers, videos and more.

Mobee use code QQPD for a bonus when you sign up

Get paid to complete mystery shopping gigs from your phone.

More sites coming soon.

In the meantime, watch this video for even more ways to get extra cash.






4 thoughts on “Fast Cash

  1. Alicia, can you explain how fiverr works? How do we get paid: by paypal? And how quickly? Does a requester request a task for me to complete? Or do I post a task that I can charge for?

  2. Greetings i’m new and i was about to join but how do i make money and are there any fees and risks i need to know about on this website and can i make £150.00 a month i’m 19 and i’m looking for online work fast and easy but i have ADHD so im not good a writing like doing surveys and stuff like that and i’m a slow typer hope you repiy back

  3. I have a payment due that I don’t have the cash for. It will double if it doesn’t get paid, so I need fast cash. Your post is a life saver, I will have to try and find some fast cash sites. Maybe I can find some cash advances too. Glad to hear they pay within a 3 day time period.

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