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Get paid $200 to talk

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Are you looking for a way to earn real cash this month?  Would you like to get paid to share your opinion on various topics?  If so, there are several paid studies you can participate in that pay up to $200 or more for your time.  You may also get free products (including food and more) to try at home.

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Big businesses and companies need your feedback.  They need consumers (you) to help influence products and ideas by sharing your opinions on various prototypes, testing an app, or website, or just talking about life experiences.  You help these businesses with your honest answers and they help you by giving you cash.

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Make sure you answer all the questions in the screener questionnaire in order to be considered and contacted for a paid study.

Here are the latest paid studies looking for participants with all the details below.  For more paid studies, please join our Facebook Group Real Surveys that Pay.

Grocery Store Purchases – Pays $150 for the entire study

User Interviews is looking for participants for a two-part study, including being sent a product to use at home in your normal routine for a few days, documenting the usage online, followed by a webcam interview with a moderator to talk about your experience.  You must use a computer with a webcam.  Tablets or smartphones are not allowed for this study.

Understanding Thoughts about Quoting Life Insurance for Clients – Pays $250 for one hour

Another study is looking for feedback on a product we are building.  This is a one-on-one interview.  You must use a computer with a webcam.  Tablets or smartphones are not permitted.  You will get paid over $200 for one hour.

Homeowners/Renters with Outdoor Space – Pays $25 for 20 minutes

Looking for homeowners or renters with a yard, outdoor, or garage space to provide opinions & feedback through a fun interactive activity!  This will be a short, unmoderated task. The task can be completed via any web browser (Chrome, Safari, Internet Explorer, etc.)  The task must be completed in one session from your computer with a webcam.

Personal Care – Pays $75

Take part in this paid online research study taking place on Sept 5-6.  This research will be conducted online using a webcam and will take no more than 90 minutes of your time for which you will be compensated $75 through your choice of many gift cards being offered.  During this online discussion, you will be able to share your in-depth opinions on a variety of important consumer issues to help guide us in making a better product.

Home Gym Equipment

Get paid $10 to share your thoughts about your home gym equipment.  This online study will take no more than 10 minutes to complete.  You must use your computer with a webcam or smartphone.  Tablets are not allowed.

Skin Care Device

Now looking for participants to test a new skincare device not yet on the market!  This in-home-use research study will last approximately one month, with 1-2 survey activities each week.  This study is expected to begin on September 1st, at which point a new skincare device will be mailed directly to you!  For this study, there will be no monetary incentive.  Instead, you will be able to keep your test unit at the conclusion of this study.

Career Job Placement – Pays $50

We’re looking for feedback on a product we are building: a Career Center & Career Services management tool for K12, Post-Secondary, Nonprofits, and Workforce Development organizations.  The intended audience for this tool is Career Service professionals who help future or current job seekers discover career paths, and job opportunities, and track success outcomes.  This is a one-on-one online interview that will last 45 minutes.  You must use a computer with a web for this interview.

Families with Deaf Children – Pays $50

We are a group of hearing, Deaf & children of Deaf adults (CODAs) people who are on a mission to get families with Deaf children closer together. Our belief is that if we allow the families the flexibility to invite an ASL interpreter to join their Facetime calls – whenever they want, with one click, for free (government-sponsored) – stronger bonds will be created. And we would love your help to get feedback and build the best service for the Deaf community!

During the call, we will ask you and your child to sit in different rooms and basically just enjoy a video call that one of our ASL interpreters will facilitate 🙂 Up to you what you want to chat about. Our main goal here is to learn how comfortable you and your child are in communicating this way, and what we can do to make it better.

For the part in which your child and you talk between you (with the help of the ASL interpreter), you will need two devices.  The child will use a laptop/desktop, but you can use whatever device you wish (laptop/desktop/phone).

The session will include:
5 minutes: Introduction
5 minutes: Navigating our website
20 minutes: Casual communication between you and your child
15 minutes: Getting your feedback

This one-on-one interview will last 45 minutes.

YouTube Video Game – Pays $150

Are you a frequent YouTube watcher who also enjoys playing video games?  Take part in our interview study!  We are looking to test a new product slated for release later this year. If you qualify based on our survey, you’ll be invited to an hour-long test session and work with the product before it comes out!  This one-on-one interview will last an hour.  You can use a computer, a computer with a webcam, a smartphone, or a tablet for this study.  Get paid $150.

Pediatric Cancer – Pays $60

Was your child hospitalized for cancer treatment?  Did you wish you were able to stay more connected with friends and family?
Our mission is to design technology for you and your family members to stay connected during the hospitalization of your child and address the key communication challenges that you face as a family.  This is a single-session interview study where you will get to shape the future of collaboration technology in the children’s hospital!  It will last an hour and 15 minutes.  You must use a computer with a webcam.  Smartphones and tablets are not allowed.

High Cholesterol – Pays $200

We’re looking for people to test an in-home cholesterol testing device.  If approved for this study, we will send you a testing device to the address you provide us.  You will be required to test once per week for a total of 10 weeks plus provide feedback on the process.  Please note: This study will run for 10 weeks and will require weekly testing, approximately 3 hours of your time total.  You can use a computer with a webcam or a smartphone for this study.  Tablets are not allowed.  Get paid $200.

Mill Study – Pays $100

We’re looking to speak with people who work in mills about some of the tools used in the production of pulp and paper. You’ll be helping our team understand the production of material made in mills.  This one-on-one interview will last an hour.  You must use a computer with a webcam.

Healthcare Professionals – Pays $300

We are looking for healthcare admins and clinicians to give feedback on some concepts of a new product that will make your job easier.  Your feedback is very valuable for making appropriate updates and changes to the concepts so that you get the most benefit out of them while performing job duties.  This one-on-one interview will last an hour.  You must complete it with a computer and a webcam.

Healthcare Study – Pays $110

We’re trying to learn more about how hospitals, physician offices, and long-term care facilities make referrals to home health agencies. This would be an hour-long call with a couple of researchers.  This paid study will last one hour requiring you to use your computer with a webcam.  Participants will get paid $110. 

Benefit Plan Study – Pays $40

WillowTree, a digital product agency, is eliciting consumer feedback from: Benefits Plan Customers.  During the study, you will be asked about your personal experience with researching, selecting, and managing your benefits plan. This will be a one-on-one interview with a moderator leading you through the session.  The information we collect will only be used to help our clients build better experiences for people like you.  This interview will last 25 minutes requiring participants to use a computer with a webcam or a smartphone.


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