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Take your online earnings way up by participating in online focus groups.  What is great about these kinds of tasks is they are easy, surrounded on topics or products that you are familiar with or use, and pay extremely well!  In fact, some focus groups, webcam, and/or telephone interviews pay close to $200 or more for just one hour of your time.

What is involved in a focus group?

Focus Groups are similar to taking surveys where you give your honest opinion or evaluate a new product or service and give your feedback and critic about it in an online form that will be filled out by you.  A focus group will involve a select number of people that collectively share their insights as a group.  You may be asked to log into a virtual chatroom where an administrator or moderator of the group will ask a variety of questions and pose them to the entire group.  Depending on the answers you give, you may be invited to answer additional questions.

Tips for Participating in Focus Groups

  1. Answer each question honestly.
  2. Don’t skip over or omit any questions asked.
  3. Stay until the end of the focus group so that you will not forfeit your payment.
  4. Don’t be afraid to give a negative critic and if needed elaborate on your criticism and what if anything can be done to improve a particular product, service, business, etc.
  5. Do not close your browser or log out because you may not be able to access the group again.
  6. Use a surge protector for your computer just in case your power goes out.
  7. Try to avoid very short answers with just a couple of words.  Remember the better your answers are the more opportunities you may have in the future to be invited to additional focus groups.

The Latest Focus Groups that Pay up to $300!

Amazon Echo Look Study that Pays $200

User Research International is looking for Amazon Echo Look users to complete and participate in a focus group from your home for about 90 minutes.  You will be paid a $200 Amazon gift card for your participation.  You must have an Amazon Echo Look in your home in order to qualify for the study.  You can read more details and fill out the questionnaire.

Online Bulletin Board about Pets that Pays $200

Fieldwork Minneapolis is looking for men and women between the ages of 25-59 to join them on an upcoming discussion on the topic of Pets.  You will receive a $200 VISA CARD if you qualify and are invited to participate in an online bulletin board in June or July.

Focus Group about Breakfast that Pays $300

Q & A Research is looking for both men and women to participate in an upcoming Online Bulletin Board about breakfast.  In order to qualify you must be between 30-50 years old, have children 12 years old or older living in the home, have a strong influence in the breakfast items shopping list, not have food restrictions or allergies and be willing to participate in an online Bulletin Board Tuesday, May 29 – Tuesday, June 5, 2018.

Focus Group about Laptop that Pays $35

EyeSee is looking for people to participate in a study with people how have bought a laptop in the past 3-4 months, or are planning to buy a laptop in the next 3 months.  You will receive $25 to participate in an online video interview to share your experiences about your laptop purchase.

Online Bulletin Board for those who buy/sell handmade vintage items online

Focus Insite is holding a study on Online Shopping & Selling which is being held COMPLETELY ONLINE on Monday, May 21st.  You will either be scheduled to participate in an online bulletin board for a total of ONE hour, OR you will be scheduled for a 45-minute video interview that pays $100-$125.  Sign up here if you are a buyer  Or here if you are a seller

Skin Care Focus Group for Female Twins that Pays $75

Fresh Perspectives is seeking female identical twins, ages 25-35, to participate in research interviews on Skin Care.  Pairs selected will receive an interview honorarium of $75 per twin for a 15-min video-chat interview.  Twins may also be selected for a paid follow-up one-month product trial, and will receive additional payment and free product for participation in the second phase of the project.

Focus Group About Household Appliances that Pays $200

Murray Hill Center needs people to participate in a project that involves having a research team of 2 to 3 people coming to your home to conduct the interview. This interview will last approximately 90 minutes.  As part of our survey, we would like to take some photos or short videos during the interview and of your household items pertinent to the research.  Please don’t worry about tidying up before the interview, we need to see the reality, and be assured that all photos/videos and your information will be kept strictly confidentially.  In order to facilitate the analysis of our study, it would be very helpful for us to audio record the interview.

Focus Group for Investors that Pays $200

Focus Forward is looking for people to complete a study for investors to determine your eligibility for a 5-day online board to begin on May 21st.  If qualified and invited to participate, you will receive $200 for completing the study.

Study about Nut Butter that Pays $75

Plaza Research is looking for males and females between the ages of 25-50 to complete a study about nut butter from the comfort of your home.  This is a webcam-based interview that pays $75 that starts on May 30th to the 31st for one hour.

Online Bulletin Board about Skin Care that pays $175

As a member of the YouGov panel you will be part of a global community of people who share their opinions in return for points and rewards. Click Here

Focus Forward is looking for women for an upcoming paid market research study for a 5-day online bulletin board that will start on May 21st.  You will get paid $175 for your participation if you are invited.

Teenager Technology Study that pays $150

Survey Feeds conducting an online survey on technology for high school students.  You will be asked to complete and upload answers to some questions about daily life related to technology on an online site.  You will keep an online diary for 2 weeks for 10-15 minutes a day.  Begins May 21st to June 1st.  A survey can be completed from a mobile device or computer.  Pays $150.

Focus Group about Financial Planning that pays $300

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Focus Forward is looking for people to complete a 90-minute webcam and telephone interview and a 2-hour homework assignment between May 21st and June 1st. If qualified and invited to participate, you will receive $300 for completing the study.

Focus Group about Printer Paper that pays $100-$200

Market Research Group is conducting a compensated focus group discussion with those who buy paper for their workplace or for home.  The group is for 2 hours, and you will be compensated from $100 – $ 200 for your time.

In-home Study about Feminine Care that Pays $85

National Data Research is looking to invite women; 24-30 yrs old to participate in an upcoming study on the topic of feminine care.  Research will begin the week of June 16th.  This is an in-home product usage test and we are looking for participants anywhere in the US as project materials would be mailed to your home.  The study will last approximately one week, and you will be paid $85 following the return of your diary & online submissions.

Study for Mobile Gamers that Pays $100

Nichols Research is looking for Mobile Gamers age 18 and over across the United States for an upcoming research study.  The study will be taking place via a telephone and no download or prior registration is required.  It is taking place Monday, May 14 – Thursday, May 24 throughout the day and evening, including the weekend (actual time depends on how you qualify).  The group will last 45-60 minutes and qualified participants who attend the study will receive a $100.00 VISA Card as a thank you for their time and opinions.

Feminine Hygiene Study that pays $100

A market Research Company is looking for participants to use the test product and complete a 3-minute mobile diary questionnaire after each use.  At the end of usage, you will also need to answer a short online survey.  Upon successful completion, you will be compensated $100 in the form of a check made out to your name.  You can also receive an additional $15 for destroying the product and sending an image after it has been destroyed.  The study will last for 5 weeks.
Get paid $200 for an upcoming online survey about healthcare and insurance.  The survey will last 45 minutes long.

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