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VIPKid10 Reasons to work from home Teaching English with VIPKid

is a legitimate company that employs thousands of remote workers to teach English from home.  In fact, they are currently in need of people to assist young Chinese students who want to learn English right from their computers.  If you desire to work from home and wouldn’t mind helping kids, please apply to VIPKid here.

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Before you apply, you may be interested in finding out why you should apply to VIPKid when there are several legitimate work at home employers outsourcing their work to individuals without having to commute.  In fact, there are at least 10 reasons why you should seriously consider applying to be a teacher for VIPKid listed below.

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  1. VIPKid has a fast hiring process.  Most people who apply to VIPKid are asked to interview in as little as 2 days after they apply online.
  2. VIPKid has won several awards.  It is the #1 company for remote jobs, named one of the top 10 companies to work from by, and is the #1 platform for online English teaching in China.
  3. You can work whenever you want for VIPKid.  If you need a work at home job that is flexible and will conform to your lifestyle, then VIPKid may be just the perfect job for you.  You can create a schedule that works for you to log in and work.
  4. No formal teaching or foreign language skills are required to work for VIPKid.
  5. Great hourly pay is up to $22 per hour.
  6. Very rewarding and fulfilling job to help young students use their natural skills and learning ability to acquire a new language to help them be diverse and succeed in life.
  7. There is very minimal training required to be an online teacher for VIPKid.
  8. VIPKid provides you with a lot of support and resources to help you succeed as a teacher.
  9. VIPKid hires remote workers in the US and outside of the US.
  10. You have a great chance of getting to work for VIPKid because they have thousands of openings.

One of my readers, who is a stay-at-home mom recently got hired to work from home for VIPKid and wanted to share her story below to help as many people as possible.  If you are looking for a work at home job that hires fast, apply to VIPKid today.

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Being a stay-at-home mom has many challenges on its own.  There are moments that are enjoyable but at times it may feel lonely or even leave you feeling trapped when the income is lacking.  Of course, having a spouse helps but the time had come that more funds were needed to cover expenses.  I had to find a way to support my family and still somehow remain at home with my little ones.  I can’t tell you how grateful I am to have even come across an amazing opportunity to work for VIPKid.  I missed being in the classroom but with a family, now I had to be effective in another way while also still pursuing my career.  The internet made this all possible.

I sent in my application with my resume and experience from when I used to be in the classroom.  I never thought about teaching virtually up until then.  How might that work out?  I ended up being one of the chosen candidates!  The process was very simple and the experience was very user-friendly.  The training was enjoyable and they really helped me prepare and understand everything.  I admit, I felt a bit nervous about the technology aspect of it all, but I learned and then was able to fly solo soon after.  It was easy to get started and the best part is that I am still a Homemaker and a stay at home mom!  I do not have to pay another person for daycare or worry about my child being exposed to an illness at daycare.  I finally feel that this company has given me the tools to really be financially free.  I was really struggling and starting to worry about what would happen if I didn’t start working soon.  This for me was one of the best solutions!

Not only do I have control over my schedule but I still get to be at home caring for my young children and also earning money while doing what I love!  If you have a passion for teaching and need a flexible schedule, then I certainly suggest considering VIPKid!  It is amazing what technology allows us to do!  I can now impact lives from the comfort of my own home and help others develop their second language skills.  For me and my family, it’s given me the chance to take control and gain my independence all the while still being that super Mom!  I’m very thankful that work doesn’t feel like work when you’re enjoying yourself so much.  This is an amazing time to be a teacher and impact others around the world.

Please don’t hesitate to give VIPKid a chance and apply today.  Remember this company hires in the US and Canada and needs people right now.  You can view this and other work at home companies hiring on the weekly job section of  You can also join our Facebook group Workersonboard Community to share your experiences applying to, interviewing with, and working for VIPKid and leave your comments below.

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