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There are various kinds of work at home jobs, tasks, and assignments that you can complete right from your computer.  Some prefer to work the traditional 8-hour jobs where they are bound to a schedule or work part-time and even some freelance work where you can pretty much set your own schedule and have the flexibility to work any time of the day or night that you choose.  Micro jobs can be put in the freelance category as well because they allow you to choose when you want to work and for how long.
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Micro jobs are small or short tasks that you will complete in various fields such as writing, editing, translating, proofreading, data entry, transcription, and anything in between.  These kind of work at home jobs are becoming very popular because they do not require a lot of time, offer tremendous flexibility, does not require any background checks, and pay relatively fast (most companies will pay you shortly after you complete your microtask), uses workers that live in other countries to earn money from home and allows you to choose what kind of work you would like to do for the day. You never have to stick with the same job, if you are a person that gets bored too easily.  Because they have so many jobs for you to pick from you can switch multiple times throughout the day to break up the monotony.

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Micro or crowd-sourcing work at home jobs do not pay a lot of money but some companies will offer you cash bonuses for accurate and timely work.  For some, this kind of work can be extra income and even lead to part-time income especially if you devote more time doing them online and you are able to get a routine and pattern down for which tasks will take the least amount of time where you can earn the most amount of money.  This strategy takes a little time and skill but if you continue to assess your earnings and performance, you can definitely earn more money for your time.

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Amazon Mechanical Turk

Here are a few legitimate companies that will pay you to complete micro/crowdsourcing tasks or mini-jobs from home that you can try.  Please keep in mind that you may need a Paypal account for the majority of the companies so that you can get paid.  If you don’t have one, you can acquire one for free by signing up for a personal account.  With this method, you get paid much faster and eliminate the hassles and delays that come with receiving a paper check to come in the mail.

  1. Microworkers – A site that allows people from any country to complete micro tasks from home.
  2. Amazon Mturk – Amazon has an online marketplace that allows workers to complete HITS or human intelligence tasks from home and get paid by direct deposit or you can choose to spend the money to buy stuff on Amazon.  Only open to those in the US.
  3. Short Task – This is an online marketplace for workers to solve individual tasks and gets paid cash when they are approved.  Pays via Paypal after you have earned $10.
  4. Cloud Crowd – Another micro-task site that will pay you to complete various short jobs from home.  You will need a Facebook account in order to work for this company.  Pays daily through your Paypal account.
  5. Fiverr – Several random gigs that you can offer to do for others that do not necessarily require any skill or experience.  Gigs sell for $5 but you can include add-ons to increase your earnings there.  Pays via Paypal.
  6. Appen – Has crowd-sourcing tasks for people to do internationally and nationally.  Pays .01 up to .15 cents per task.
  7. Field Agent – Smartphone app that you can download for free that will pay you to complete short assignments near or around the area in which you live.  Each job pays from $3 up to $12 via Paypal or through your Dwolla account.
  8. Gig Walk – Complete online micro tasks through your smartphone.  May have to visit local stores and businesses around your area in exchange for cash.  Pays $3-$5 per task via Paypal.
  9. Sponsored Tweets – Get paid to tweet out sponsored ads to your followers on Twitter.  You will need 50 followers before your account is approved.  Pays via Paypal.
  10. MyLikes – Get paid to share links on social media, make videos or post web links.  Pays via Paypal.  You can watch this video for more information on exactly how MyLikes works.
  11. Clickworker – Open to workers worldwide that would like to complete tasks in searching the web, video tagging, data entry, translation, text writing, and more!  Pays via Paypal.
  12. Lionbridge – This company also has crowd-sourcing tasks that you can complete remotely.  Right now there are none in the US just Canada, Austria, Australia, China, Hong Kong, Japan, Korea, Malaysia, Taiwan, France, Germany, Italy, Norway, Sweden, Switzerland, The Netherlands, and the UK.


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