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If you like easy ways to earn extra cash online, then you will definitely want to give Paid Viewpoint a try.  It is a survey panel that I have personally used for more than 3 years now and I have earned to date almost $2,500 with this survey panel.  I can’t say that for very many survey panels.

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Don’t forget to also sign up with ICS or Instant Cash Sweepstakes because this is a sister site of Paid Viewpoint.  This is also one of my favorite survey panels to use for extra cash.  You can sign up for Paid Viewpoint here.

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Here are 12 Reasons you should give Paid Viewpoint a Try


1.  Open to teenagers – Paid Viewpoint allows those who are at least 13 to join their survey panel and get rewarded for completing their surveys online.  If you need additional sites that teens can use for extra cash, please visit this page here.

2.  Very short surveys – These surveys that you complete for Paid Viewpoint take less than 2 minutes to complete on average.  If you qualify for more questions on a particular survey, not only will you earn even more cash but it still will only take you no longer than 5 minutes to complete the total.

3.  Cash bonus for signing up!  Paid viewpoint will give you $1 just to sign up and give them a try.

4.  Various payment options – If you prefer to get free gift cards instead of cash, Paid Viewpoint allows you the option to choose which reward you want.  You can either choose from PayPal cash, Amazon, or Walmart gift cards.

5.  You can earn up to $25 for referring your friends –  Paid Viewpoint has a stellar referral program where that will allow you to earn up to $25 for each person that you refer to their survey panel.

This is how it works:  Each time you refer a friend to sign up with Paid Viewpoint, you will earn 20% when they complete a biz survey.  Biz surveys are not the same as Trait surveys so you will not see any referral earnings credited to your account when they complete those.  You will earn 20% of whatever they make completing the Biz surveys until your referral earnings reach $25.  Once you have earned this amount for someone who you have referred, you will not be able to earn more cash from that particular referral.

6.  No referral limit – Paid Viewpoint has one of the best referral programs because there is absolutely no limit on the number of people you can refer.  You can refer as many people as you like.  This will also help you to increase your overall earnings from Paid Viewpoint.

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7.  Multiple choice answers – Another feature that I like about Paid Viewpoint is that your answers are always in multiple-choice format.  You simply select the answer that most reflects your opinion in a drop-down multiple choice menu.

8.  Open Worldwide – If you happen to live outside the US and you are looking for a legitimate survey panel that you can sign up with, look no further than Paid Viewpoint because they are open to all countries across the globe.

9.  Low Payment threshold – You can request your cash once you have earned $15 from Paid Viewpoint.

10.  More bonuses – Paid Viewpoint will also send you an email notification when you have an available survey to complete.  If you follow up on that email and complete it fairly quickly, Paid Viewpoint will give you an additional cash bonus.  You will also earn more cash for each survey you complete by increasing your Trait score.  The highest trait score you can achieve is 10000.  To reach this level, just continue to be an active survey panel member and it will improve accordingly.

11.  Always qualify – Paid Viewpoint is one of the few survey panels that will never disqualify you because you don’t fit their profile or demographics.  You will always qualify for every single survey you are invited to.

12.  Mobile – You can also complete Paid Viewpoint’s surveys while you are on the go from your mobile devices including your smartphones, tablets, etc.

If you want to see my proof of my Paid Viewpoint earnings, find out where you can locate your referral link and some additional information, make sure you watch my latest YouTube video below.

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