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31 Ways to Make $100 at Home

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It may not always be easy to think of ways to make money from home especially if you have a particular goal or amount in mind.  However, having a list of ideas could help you to visualize and be motivated to meet your goal.  I have come up with at least 30 ways that you can use to help you make $100 or more at home.

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You can find more ways to make money online by browsing through this blog or even starting your own blog or website.  You can get a blog for free with Weebly or pay for hosting a domain and your own blog with Bluehost.  If you don’t want to start your own blog or website, please continue reading to find out how you can make at least $100 from home.

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1.  Sell Products Online

Online retailers have benefited from a recent surge in sales.  Become one of the newest
individual sellers to make a name for themselves.  Sell products online and get recognized by an extensive set of buyers.

2.  Rent out your Car

Turo is a company where you can list your own car for free to rent out to others who would like to use your vehicle for the weekend, a road trip, or even have it stationed at local airports.  This is an easy way to make money if you have a vehicle sitting in your driveway that you seldom use.

3.  Start An eBay Account

Become an eBay member and sell products to an avid base of buyers.  The website has become increasingly popular recently among savvy users.

4.  Write For Publishers

Online publications are more common now than ever.  That has created opportunities for writers of all stripes.  Publishers are looking for novice writers to take on goals.

5.  Look For Freelance Work

Freelance opportunities abound among those in the know. There are resources that have made freelance work much more popular.  Check sites like Clickworker, and Upwork, and commit to start the project.

6.  Get Paid To Chat

There are sites that pay users to chat with customers and help them find their favorite products and brands like Needle and other companies.  You can find a list of work at home chat jobs by going to this page.

7.  Disperse Knowledge

If you are an expert on various topics or subjects, and like to give advice or talk, you can get paid to sell to others what you say over the phone or via email with Ether.  Presto Experts is another site you can try but they may or may not be accepting new experts at this time.  You could also give expert advice on your blog or website.

8.  Join A Forum

Forum membership is sometimes free, depending on the content.  Other forum members may know how to make money from home.  I

9.  Contribute To Newspapers

Local newspapers may be hiring people for different roles.  Check their wanted ad pages for job listings.  Ask if the position may be performed from home.

10.  Collect Change

Change has always been a popular way to pass the time.  Find spare change lying around the house, in laundromats, and elsewhere.

11.  Write For Websites

Writing is a big industry in an online environment.  New websites have been set in place to give people input.  Get hired and start writing as soon as possible.  You can find a list of websites that will pay you to write here.

12.  Do Piecemeal Work

New sites encourage people to work online for revenue.  Consider doing piecemeal work to keep earning income.

13.  Sell your Clothes

There are several sites that you can use to sell your used clothing items without ever leaving your home.  Thredup is one site where you can ship your used clothes, accessories, kid’s clothes, and more for extra cash.
14.  Sell Jewelry

You can invite your friends over for a jewelry party and sell Stella & Dot items to them and make a commission for every piece of jewelry that you sell.

15.  Host A Yard Sale

Gather together electronics, home decor, furniture, or used antiques from around the house.  Put together a yard sale and be surprised at how well things sell.  You can also sell your stuff to others through Letgo a mobile app that you can download for free.

16.  Deliver Newspapers

Many local newspapers will offer ways of distributing products.  Delivering newspapers or telephone books is a practical way to make money with your car.

17.  Work from Home

Major corporations may be on the lookout for loyal employees.  Write a resume, apply to various companies that hire remote workers, and get started whenever possible.  You can find many companies hiring by going to the weekly job section or the Friday freebie page of Workersonboard.

18.  Dip Into A Collection

Take some of the money that you have saved up for a while to add to your $100 goal.  Look for a change drawer or jar around the house. Use that to meet the $100 goal.

19.  Set Up A Tip or Collection Jar

People may be sympathetic to a cause or want to donate to your blog or website if they appreciate your content.  Take advantage of this by incorporating a tip or collection jar for extra money.

20.  Start A Lemonade Stand

Though it sounds silly, try manning a lemonade stand whenever possible.  Lemonade is popular and will still sell among the neighbors.  You could even have it available during a yard sale.

21.  Make Crafts

Some people have a knack for different craft projects.  Practice and start to sell these crafts to the highest bidder.  You can sell your handmade crafts on sites like Amazon, Artfire, and others.

22.  Mow Lawns

Use a lawnmower to keep the grass trimmed around the block.  Put flyers around in the neighborhood and build up clientele around the block for extra cash.

23.  Clean Pools

Many houses now feature a pool in the backyard.  Learn more about pool maintenance and get hands-on experience.  Clean each pool with care and make sure that the project is completed on time.

24.  Chop Firewood

Find a place in the backyard to start chopping wood.  Neighbors may use the firewood each winter to stay warm.  I have even heard that restaurants like Cracker Barrel buy firewood from others.

25.  Create Artwork

Artists are renowned for their talent and projects.  Make a name among locals and sell artwork in your community at a local art show or public event.

26.  Share Apps with your Friends

There are a few websites like Sharepop and AppyLink that will pay you cash when your friends download various apps that you on the open market.

27.  Get Paid To Post on Social Media

Social media is a popular topic and has attracted attention.  Appen is actively looking for social media evaluators who have followers on sites like Twitter, Pinterest, and Facebook to post on social media.  You can read more about this job here.

28.  Sell Crafts On Etsy  Etsy is a popular new site that has attracted attention from all corners.  Put crafts up for sale and watch customers take interest.

29.  Create Wedding Invitations

Some notes have to be customized and will require special attention.  Trust that weddings will be held and may encourage participation.  Get started and work on these invitations whenever possible.

30.  Use Get Paid to Sites

Some of the best sites to use to earn at least $100 from home doing things like watching videos, reading articles and sharing them on social media, downloading apps, and watching videos are more are PrizeRebel, Bankrollbucks, InstaGC, Swagbucks, and more listed on this page.

31.  Micro Tasking

Sites will pay people to complete short or simple tasks online.  The great benefit of doing this kind of work is that you can do with at your own pace, schedule, and time with no commitments, meaning you can stop and come back and work whenever you are ready.


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