In case you were not aware of it, Instant Cash Sweepstakes is now closing their doors in just 3 more days!  This was one of my favorite sites to use for easy cash because you could answer mini polls online in just a few short minutes and get paid cash plus have a chance to win $2 or $50 on a daily basis.  If you relied on this site to earn extra or passive income, what will you do now?

Well, I have brainstormed some other options to help replace the income that you may have earned with Instant Cash Sweepstakes.  Most of these sites are just as easy to use, take just a few minutes of your time and either pay you via PayPal, direct deposit or check.  The good news is that unlike Instant Cash Sweepstakes, many of these sites are open worldwide.  Check out some of my ideas below.

6 Sites to Replace or Compensate your Instant Cash Sweepstakes Income

Paid Viewpoint – Paid Viewpoint is a sister site of Instant Cash Sweepstakes and they have a similar platform where you will answer very short questions and get paid at least $0.10 for every mini survey you complete.  New members that join will receive a one dollar bonus plus you can earn around $25 for every single person you recommend to this site.  Paid Viewpoint is also rated among the top 5 survey panels in the World.

  • You must be at least 13 to join Paid Viewpoint.
  • You will always qualify for surveys and get paid.
  • You can cash out when you have $15 either via PayPal, Amazon or Walmart gift card.

Usability Hub – This company will pay you $0.10 to answer simple questions, give a quick opinion or to select your favorite brand or product.  They are so simple, easy and take less than 2 minutes of your time to complete.

  • You can complete several in a day.
  • It is possible to earn $6 to $10 per day with your responses depending upon how many you take.
  • You can request a payment from Usability Hub after you have earned $20 via PayPal.

Crowdtap – This is another site that I recommend to earn free gift cards and rewards for answering short questions about your favorite brands.  It is actually pretty fun and interesting.  You can also take polls and even upload photos of an area of your home with certain products.  This site is easy and very user-friendly.

As a member of the YouGov panel you will be part of a global community of people who share their opinions in return for points and rewards. Click Here

Nadamobile – If you like watching short clips and commercials then you will love Nadamobile. There are additional ways to earn by taking surveys, watching movie trailers, upcoming video stars online and so much more.

  • You can also earn even more money by referring your friends.
  • You can use Nadamobile on your smart phone to earn your point faster.
  • You will need a Facebook account to join this site.
  • Nadamobile is giving away 500 points to each member that watches 50 videos a day on their Chrome Extension.  Only for a limited time!

Digital Reflection Panel

Make an easy $200 a year or more a year with this panel.  You will simply install their internet meter on your wireless router.  If you keep it installed and complete a monthly device update, you will continue to earn for simply browsing the Internet.

  • Takes only 5 minutes to install.
  • Company will send and ship you the device for free.
  • You will earn $60 in the first 2 months.
  • Read my full review about how this panel works here.


This site is super fun and a no brainer when it comes to making easy money at home.  All you have to do is to download their apps and select a color.  The choices are blue and yellow.  If you select the color the wheel lands on, you will earn cash.  I have earned more than $500 using Qriket alone.

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Be rewarded for watching cool online videos at Swagbucks! The more you watch, the more Reward Points you earn! Join Today
  • You can also win cash by watching Qriket live.
  • You spin the wheel for free daily sometimes more than once a day.
  • Use code 155066 for 25 bonus spins when you join!

More Money-Making Sites for Easy Cash

More ways to get paid online here.

Please feel free to add the sites you are using in the comment section below.


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