Did you know that you can earn money online just for having a Twitter, Facebook, or Pinterest account?  Many people today are earning money from their social media activity.  Probably sounds like another scam on the surface but it is really true.  Anybody anywhere at any age can do this and get paid as long as they have access to the Internet.  I will tell you what sites will pay you to do this, how this works, and more importantly how can you get paid just for using social media.  You can even get started today!

How does this work?

Advertisers will pay you to send customers to them through sponsored ads sent out through your social media accounts.  It is much easier for them to pick those who are already active on social media networks to reach potential customers than to try go and find them on their own.  You can pick and choose which ads you would like or would not like to promote.  It is a very easy way for you to earn extra money online.

What do you need?

You need Internet connection either through your computer, laptop, smartphone, iPhone, or other electronic devices that have Internet capabilities.  You will also need a Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Instagrid, or other social media accounts.  If you don’t have one, you can sign up for those today.  In order to sign up for these accounts, an email address is necessary so that you can confirm your various accounts online.

How much will you earn?

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It is hard to narrow down a dollar figure because it depends upon how many followers you have and how influential you are.  I can tell you that some people can earn hundreds of dollars to send out one tweet to their followers.  There are even some, mostly celebrities are well-known figures can earn several thousands dollars per tweet that only takes a few seconds to send out.  But the average person can earn somewhere around from a few cents to $20 or even more per tweet!

What sites will pay you to do this?

Here are some of the sites that will pay you to share, tweet, and more!

Instagrid Network – Get paid for posting photos on Instagram

Sponsored Tweets – Get paid to tweet

Pinbooster – Get paid to pin stuff to Pinterest.  You will need a Pinterest account to sign up for this one.  To get an invite for Pinterest, please contact me here and I will send you an invitation.

My Likes – Get paid to promote products on Twitter, Facebook, Youtube, and more!
Share Magnets – Get paid to share magnets or ads on social media

Izea Sway – Get paid to promote products online.  You must have a good standing with Sponsored Tweets to sign up for this one.  It is a new get paid site from Izea.

Staree – Get paid to share photos and videos online.


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