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Are you looking for an easy non-phone job that does not require you to talk on the telephone?  Are you just beginning your work-at-home job search or have little to no work experience?  Would you simply like to make some extra cash in your spare time?  If so, I have a new work-at-home opportunity that was first posted on the weekly job section of that is still in need of remote workers.

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The name of the company is called Appian Communications, LLC.  This company is currently seeking several part-time independent contractors to help stress test their new VOIP system.  This is mostly passive work that requires very minimal effort so it is ideal for anyone who prefers easy or less stressful tasks and assignments.

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This project is expected to last until the end of 2016.

Here is what your job duties will consist of as a VOIP Tester

The nature of your work will consist of you calling the international (UK) phone number provided, entering a code, and setting the phone aside while you do other things.  Your calls should last about 90 minutes a day or up to 1000 minutes per month.  You are not required to speak with anyone over the phone.  When you dial the number, you will hear a song playing.  You will set the phone aside and then return.

What hours will you be working?

The calls should be made Monday through Friday between the hours of 3 am to 1 pm EST.  You must be willing to make calls daily as described above in order to keep the workload consistent with the testers.  The company is looking for consistent callers and they need you to make 99% of the calls.

How much is the pay for VOIP Testers?

The pay ranges from $0.08 to $0.10 per minute.  Payments are made either by ACH or PayPal every two weeks.  Please keep in mind that consistent callers usually get increases in the limit of minutes per call which means they have the potential to earn more money.

Requirements needed in order to be a VOIP Tester

In order to qualify to be a VOIP tester, you must have phone service with either Comcast Voice (landline) or Verizon Wireless.  You must also have an international calling plan on your phone or be willing to obtain it if you are selected.    Please also know that it will not work with prepaid plans or if you have caller id block enabled on your phone.  All who meet the requirements will receive an invitation to participate in this project.

Why do I recommend this job?

As I mentioned earlier in this post, it is a great job for beginners who want to work from home or prefer a non-phone job.  This is a very easy work-at-home job that does not require applicants to have any previous skills or work experience.  This means you will have a greater chance of getting hired to work from home.  You could even do this job along with other work-at-home jobs and tasks that you complete from home as long as the hours do not conflict.  And although you may not get rich, you can earn some extra cash in this passive, non-phone work-at-home job.

If you are interested in working from home as a VOIP Tester for Appian Communications, please apply online.

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allison · March 22, 2016 at 10:13 pm

I have tried alot of work from home jobs and I am still searching for the perfect one. In the meantime I have been researching survey sites. I have tried a ton but my favorite so far is mint vine. Free to join surveys get emailed to you the longer you keep with it the better the pay out. Worth checking out

Missy · February 22, 2017 at 12:42 am

I am currently with Appian communication the pay is 7 cent per minute. I make about 300.00 and pay 300.00 per month in my phone bill. Last week I got a email from the girl Crystal she was my manager but have since quit. In the email she spoke about schemes (scam) the owner was doing. I am thinking abbout stopping before I get mixed up in the web.

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