Cash 4 Books is a company that I have talked about on this blog for a few years now and I highly recommend using this site for a way to make fast cash online to send your used books and now iPhones and Samsung devices.  This is one of the easiest, fastest and most convenient ways to get paid for your stuff without having to hassle with bookstores and other businesses that buy back used books or simply offer you a store credit rather than giving you cash.  In fact, Cash 4 Books has paid out over $10 million dollars to their users to date and counting.

But how much can you make from your books and is it really worth it?  If you visit Cash 4 Books official website, you will see a list of books that were recently sold and for how much.  On the low-end, one book may sell for around $5 but I have seen books sell for as high as $64 for only one book.  Now just imagine if you had multiple books to sell, you could stand a chance to earn some decent pocket change.  Just make sure that your books are in good condition and that the pages are not torn or wore out to get the most from your books.

It is super easy to find out how much your books are worth and you can find this out even before you send them to Cash 4 Books.  How is this possible?  You will go to their official website and put in your book’s ISBN number to see how much you will make from each book.  The ISBN number is a 10 or 13 digit number that is found either on the back cover of your book or in the inside front cover.

Here are 5 Reasons why I recommend selling your books to Cash 4 BooksBuyback textbooks at

There are no hidden fees.  Cash 4 Books is a free service and will never charge you to send your books to them or if you decide to receive your cash via PayPal.  You will keep all of your earnings.

You will get paid in 13 days.

You can send books in bulk if you have several books you would like to sell.

You can sell your books to Cash 4 Books directly by downloading their mobile app on your smart phone.

If you live near Cash 4 Books in Hillsboro, Oregon, you can bring your books directly to the company between 8 am to 4:30 pm Monday through Friday EST.

In order to get started selling , please sign up at Cash 4 Books here and have either your used books, iPhones, Samsung devices or all three, you will need to have these items in your possession, locate the ISBN number (for books), put them into a box and ship them to the company and include your free shipping label.  It is just that easy.

Cash 4 Books is not the only company that will pay you for your used books but it has one of the best ratings and reviews from customers that you can read from Trust Pilot online.  In case you want to check around for other companies that will pay you for your books, you can see a few listed below.


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Sell Back Books

Valore Books – This company will pay you for your used books in 48 hours after your order is processed!

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