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Get paid cash for your selfies

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A lot of people today have a social media account.  Some of you may use it to upload and post selfies with your friends, families, and others.  If you are looking for a way to make extra money from your selfies, make sure you join PayyourSelfie today for a fun and stress-free way to accomplish this.

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If you have never heard of PayyourSelfie, you may have some general questions that you would like answered before you sign up.  I have brainstormed a few so that you will know what you can expect from this company.

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It is free?

Yes, it is completely free.  PayyourSelfie has a free mobile app that is available on iOS or the Google Play store for you to download and install so you can get started earning cash for your selfies.

Can teens use this app?

Unfortunately, you must be at least 18 years of age to make money with PayyourSelfie.  If this changes and they allow teens to join, I will definitely let you know.

How much will I earn per selfie?

It depends on the details or instructions contained for each selfie.  But most selfies pay at least $0.50 on the low end and up to $2 or more on average.

Will all my selfies be approved?

In order to get your selfies approved you must first follow the instructions that PayyourSelfie has listed for each selfie.  You will not be able to get paid for each and every selfie that you send that does not follow or abide by the rules.  For example, if PayyourSelfie asks you to upload a selfie of you using your favorite toothpaste and you simply take a selfie of you in the bathroom in front of the mirror, there is a strong possibility that it may get rejected.  In order to avoid this, only upload the selfies that PayyourSelfie asks for.

What kind of selfies will I be asked to take?

You will never be asked to take provocative selfies.  Some selfies may range from walking your pet in the park to eating at your favorite restaurant or while you are shopping.

Please keep in mind that uploading selfies to PayyourSelfie is completely 100% optional.  You get to pick and choose which selfies you would like to take and possibly upload.

Who can use this app?

Anyone including men and women as long as you are at least 18 and have access to a mobile device so that you can download and install the app.

How will I get paid?

PayyourSelife will send you a check in the mail after you have earned at least $20 in your account.  You can expect to receive your check-in about 7-10 days after you have requested your check.

Is there a way to earn more money?

Absolutely.  You can earn your first dollar by taking your first selfie after you have downloaded the app for your profile.  In addition to this, you can earn more money by taking more selfies and uploading them through the app.  In order to do this, you will need to click on the piggy in the app, to see more paid selfies tasks.

You can also refer your friends to use this app.  When they join, you will earn $0.50 per person who signs up with your referral link.

How do I join?

Make sure you click here to join PayyourSelfie.  If you are not sure if this app is legit, make sure you check out my payment proof below from my official Instagram page.


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