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Do you have any essays or reports that you were required to write for a high school project or college assignment but you no longer need them and are ready to throw them in the trash?  But wait!  Because you could get paid real money for your essays.  There is a company looking for people to send them their essays online.

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There is a company called Cash 4 Essays that will pay you to submit your essays, well-written lab reports, annotated bibliographies, detailed essay outlines, or similar writing assignments.

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Here is how it works.

What kind of essays do Cash 4 Essays accept?

In the previous paragraph, I listed an overall of what Cash 4 Essays will accept but what they will not accept are essays that are written in Spanish, French, English, etc.  Essays must be written in English only.  If they change their terms, I will definitely let you know.

How do I submit my essays to Cash 4 Essays?

You will need to have a copy of your essay online and upload it to them.  If you only have a paper copy of your essay, you can simply type it up, save it to a file on your computer, and upload it.  When you upload your essays to Cash 4 Essays, you agree that you are the sole copyright owner of the content and actually wrote the piece yourself.

How many essays can I submit?

You can submit and upload as many as you want to sell.  There is no limit cap on your essay submissions.

What if my essay is rejected?

That normally doesn’t happen but if this is the case, then it could be due to a variety of factors listed below.

  • It is not a student essay.
  • You uploaded an essay that you copied elsewhere online.
  • It contains your personal information.
  • It is under 225 words.
  • Your essay contains several errors.
  • It is poorly formatted.
  • Your essay is of low quality.
  • It is a duplicate upload.
  • You already have the essay published on your blog or elsewhere online or you have previously sold it to another site.

How can I make sure my essay is accepted?

Try to follow and remember the guidelines that are posted above and make sure that you remove your name, class, professor name, or other personal information from your essay(s).

How long will it take to get my essay approved?

Cash 4 Essays normally take 3-5 business days to review and accept your essay.

What will Cash 4 Essays do with my essay?

This company will not sell your essays to anyone else instead they purchase essays for their essay database research tool.  Your essays will be indexed by Google and therefore students will be unable to use the papers to plagiarise or steal your content.

When will I get paid for my essay?

As soon as Cash 4 Essays accepts your content, your earnings will show up in your dashboard and you will receive payment at the beginning of the month.  Cash 4 Essays pays $2 per essay.  You will need a valid PayPal account in order to get paid.

Is this site open to submissions worldwide?

Yes.  You can get paid to upload your essays even if you live outside the United States but you will need to fill out an IRS W-8 BEN form in order to receive payment.

Where do I sign up?

Make sure that you visit Cash 4 Essays here to sign up and upload your essays.  Remember this site should be used for extra cash only or as a side gig.  For more ways to earn extra cash for your stuff, check out these posts below.

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