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If you are looking for a freelance work-at-home job that will allow you to work whenever you want to answer short questions online, look no further than OneSpace.  OneSpace, which was formerly known as CrowdSource has freelancing tasks from some of the world’s largest companies like eBay, Staples, Walmart, Overstock, Target, Bed Bath and Beyond, and many others.  You can enhance your skills all while working at home completing online writing and other tasks in your spare time.

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8 Benefits of Working at Home for OneSpace?

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1.  You will have access to jobs 24/7 which means that you will spend less time looking for work and more time completing it.

2.  OneSpace pays their freelancers once a day around 9 a.m. CDT for all approved work.

3.  They provide you with training guides to help you master and learn new transcription and writing skills.

4.  You can start working from home for OneSpace on the same day.

5.  OneSpace even has an online forum to help answer any questions you may have.

6.  It is an easy way to make extra cash.

7.  No background checks, interviews, or fees are required to work for this company.

8.  OneSpace will at times reward their freelance workers with surprise bonuses.

What are the Writing Tasks like at OneSpace?

The writing tasks for OneSpace are very interesting and are usually 100-200 word answers to questions such as “What are some facts about owls?” or “What are some tips for building your own airplane?”  There are questions in several categories such as food, travel, history, sports, and geography.  It is a great way to think about topics I would never have considered and thus break out of my comfort zone.  I find it like having paid writing prompts.

They provide a style guide, approved resource list, and sample for each type of question.  Writers answer the question as succinctly and directly as possible in two sentences, then give supporting details in the second part of the question.  Writers are required to list at least one web resource and can list up to five resources.  Writers are given two days to complete the task.

Sometimes they offer product descriptions, bios, and video descriptions.  Workers can take tests to qualify for other types of work such as transcription and editing.  Deadlines vary for these types of work, and style guides and samples are provided.

How Much Can I expect to earn Writing for OneSpace?

The pay rate for writing assignments is around $2.50 for 100 words or $5.00 for 200 words, so to make a living solely working for OneSpace would require you to put in a lot of hours.  I would recommend using OneSpace as a way to either supplement your online income or as a resource for extra income.  You can make a few dollars doing keyword searches and categorizing questions until you qualify as a writer.  OneSpace pays you via PayPal for each task completed rather than requiring writers to attain a minimum balance, and the small payouts add up rather quickly like building a savings account.

What other kinds of work does OneSpace offer?

OneSpace also has freelance tasks that involve transcribing audio and video recordings, reviewing and sharing discussions, opinions, and polls on your social media profiles as well as other related tasks.

Why you should give OneSpace a try?

If you like to write, answer questions, transcribe, or would be interested in doing various freelance tasks working your own schedule and getting paid daily from home, OneSpace may be just what you are looking for.  You can get started by going to their official website here.  Please remember that this site should be used for extra income only and not full-time income.

If you are looking for some work-at-home jobs that you can live on, please check out this list of companies that you can try here.  For need a list of more sites that will pay daily to complete various tasks from home, please click here.

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anne · January 12, 2016 at 1:28 pm

pfffff Have access to work 24/7! Sure if they have any work. I have been with them for a few years and you can only use this for some pocket change if that. It’s a nice company and most people are nice there, but as far as the work goes…dries up faster than lightning. I use it as a side job when I need extra money to go see a movie or go out to dinner with a friend. Other than that it’s not really worth it even as a side job.

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