Are you planning on visiting some museums, ski resorts, aquariums, fun centers, bowling alleys, theme parks, go roller skating or other amusements in the near future?  Before you purchase your tickets, you may want to check out a site called Amusement Advantage.  This is a legitimate mystery shopping company that has been in business for about 15 years or so that is always looking for mystery shoppers to visit various amusements and get paid to share their experience.  Most shops pay an average of $50 per shop and goes up from there. You will also get an additional cash bonus for completing your report online early.

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In order to get started earning money as a mystery shopper for Amusement Advantage, you will need to apply online first and register on their official website.  This process will take you about 15 up to 30 minutes to complete.  Make sure that you select the areas or states you would like to shop in.  When an assignment is available you will be notified via email to log into your account.  You can select which shop(s) you would be interested in completing and have access to the mystery shop assignment description, facility information and anything else that you would need to know in order to have a successful shop.  After you pick your shop and visit the amusement, you will need to fill out a report for the shop that you selected online.  The sooner you do this the better because you will be able to give a detailed report about the facility, what you experienced and so forth.  After your report is completed and verified as a successful shop, you will be paid.  Currently Amusement Advantage has 3 methods of payment which are listed below as follows:

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  • Paypal
  • PayQuicker
  • Check

You can select which option is most convenient for you but if you are looking to get your money faster you may want to try PayQuicker or Paypal.  Keep in mind that you may have to purchase the tickets initially when you visit the shop assignment but you will get reimbursed after you complete your shop.

Because you are a mystery shopper, you want to keep your status confidential.  Make sure no one at the facility is aware that you are a mystery shopper.  Please do not tell any employees that you are doing an assignment for Amusement Advantage because if you are identified as a mystery shopper your shop will be invalid and therefore not be entitled to receive any payment.  I would definitely recommend that you read over and print the General Shopper Guidelines before you agree to complete a shop.

If you plan on traveling to another location, you can select shops in other states as well.  Just make sure that your schedule will allow for it and you will be able to visit the amusement on the selected dates they have available.

Most of the mystery shopping assignments for Amusement Advantage encourages you to bring along another person as well as children with you.  This is idea for those who have families and children to make it a group outing or fun family activity that you will get paid for.

Check out Amusement Advantage today and look over some of the many benefits to being a mystery shopper and get paid to have a good time.  Go to their official website here.  


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