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I want to introduce you to a brand new site called the Forum Wheel.  This is a post cycling networking that will pay you to post on various forums.  It is very similar to and somewhat mimics Postloop – another paid-to-post network that pays you to post on forums and share in online discussions.

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Why do I like posting on the Forum Wheel?

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One thing that I like about the Forum Wheel is that it is much easier to get approved for an account here than on Postloop because it is not as strict.  If you have tried to sign up for Postloop and were never approved, I highly recommend that you give The Forum Wheel a try.  If you are already a content writer for Postloop, you can use the Forum Wheel as an addition to Postloop for even more cash.

There are some similarities and differences between the Forum Wheel and Postloop that are displayed below.


No minimum payout

No age requirement

No payment threshold

Must submit 10 posts before an account is approved

Takes 24 hours to get approved

Ratings between 1-5

Can earn around $0.08 per post

It May be difficult to get approved

Does not pay you to join

Earn more for referring your friends

The Forum Wheel

No minimum payout

No age requirement

No payment threshold

Must also submit 10 posts

Takes less than 12 hours to get the account approved

Ratings between 1-5

Can earn up to $0.15 per post

Not as difficult to get approved

Gives you 25 credits for the first 20 writers

Earn for referring your friends and forum owners

How credits are converted at the Forum Wheel

The Forum Wheel shows your earnings in credits which will be converted to cash.  One credit is worth $0.05.  You can earn up to 3 credits or $0.15 per post on The Forum Wheel.  Don’t forget that they are giving away 25 free credits for the first 20 writers!  This means that they are actually paying you to sign up.  If you post on forums anyway and you are not making any money, Postloop and the Forum Wheel is the perfect solution for that because you can share your knowledge, insight, expertise, and advice with others for extra cash.

As with any site that pays you to complete online tasks for them, they have a few rules that you will need to abide by so that you will not get your account terminated or banned which are listed below.

The Forum Wheel Rules for Posters and Content Writers

  • Do not spam.  They mention this several times on their site so I am sure that they will strictly enforce this rule.
  • Only have one account.  Two accounts are not allowed.
  • Submit original content.
  • Content theft and word spinning are prohibited.
  • Do not troll.
  • Do not attempt to bribe members into promoting your own material.

As you can see there are not very many rules here but if you abide by them, you will enjoy using this platform as a side gig or to add to your online income.

My Thoughts

As I stated earlier, I highly recommend this site because it is very simple to use and get started and not as intimidating as Postloop.  Even though the site is brand new, it is very promising and has a lot of advantages for those who desire to get paid fast.  It is also a great site for teens and others to use to earn extra cash.  You can check out the Forum Wheel and sign up today!


Brooke · May 28, 2015 at 6:37 pm

Hi! Thank you for the information. I’m wondering how much money you can realistically make posting on forums? I’m looking to supplement my current income and wanted to know if this is time consuming and worth the payout. Thanks!

    aw1219 · June 2, 2015 at 1:01 pm

    Hi Brooke,

    It depends upon a couple of factors including how much you post and your overall score. I think it is realistic to expect that you could earn about $10 to $20 a day on this site and possibly more if you can refer your friends. I have a few tips on how to earn more money on Postloop on my official website on on the Article page here

adssolsn · August 9, 2015 at 1:49 pm

i like postloop, i haven’t tried theforumwheel but will do soon. i also like paidforumposting. you can check the review here .

Vidya · June 19, 2016 at 2:55 pm

I didn’t try The Forum Wheel yet. Currently just working with ForumForU. I will try this soon and thanks for sharing this info.

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