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Get Paid to Shop on Amazon with Shop Tracker

Even if you are not a regular Internet user, you’ve probably heard of Amazon.  On the other hand, if you do use the Internet to browse the web, check your emails, play games, or even shop online, you most likely have bought something from Amazon.  Well, I have some exciting news for Amazon shoppers.  Shop Tracker will pay you to shop on Amazon.

Is there a catch?

No.  This is a real legitimate opportunity to make close to $40 a year and I will tell you how it works, what is involved, and how you can get started today.  First, let me briefly explain who Shop Tracker is and why they would pay you to shop on Amazon anyway.

Who is Shop Tracker?

Shop Tracker is operated by the Nielsen Company and in partnership with the Harris Poll survey panel that will reward you for sharing your insights about your shopping habits.  Shop Tracker has a free app that you will need to download and install in order to be a member and get rewarded for using it to track your purchases on Amazon.

Is it Safe to use Shop Tracker?

Yes.  In fact, Shop Tracker is trying to understand how people use their computers and the Internet to make online purchases in that businesses can make Online shopping a more useful and interesting experience for all users.  Similar to the impact of the Nielsen Television family on program production, distribution, and advertising.  The purpose of this data will help online businesses make critical decisions regarding their Internet strategies.

Shop Tracker does not have access to your personal information including payment, credit card, shipping, and home address.  Shop Tracker only catalogs your shopping data.

What benefits will I get from using this app?

Being an exclusive member of the Shop Tracker panel gives you access to easy rewards today, but opens the door to other exclusive opportunities for giving your opinion and earning rewards.  Qualified participants receive HIpoints for their participation in this program.  When you join you will get a $3 Visa Virtual reward card in 48 hours or less and every month thereafter that you keep the app installed.

What are the requirements to join Shop Tracker?

What if I decide to shop using Shop Tracker?

That is completely fine.  Just make sure that you uninstall the software from Windows by going to the “Control Panel”, and choosing “Programs and Features”, then double-click “Shop Tracker” to confirm you want to uninstall it and it will make the changes.

How do I join?

Please click here to be a Shop Tracker member today.  It is free and easy to use.  Shop Tracker is one of the easiest ways to earn some passive income just by having an Amazon account.

Are there other sites that will pay me to shop?

Yes.  There are a few that I recommend and use myself including but not limited to

Fetch Rewards

Use code G4HBH to get $2 plus cashback when you shop at the grocery store, on Amazon, for your prescriptions, and more.


Get paid a $10 join bonus plus cash back every time you shop online or offline.  More than 2,500 stores to choose from.


Get paid $10 join plus cash back when you upload your receipts from grocery, beverage, online, baby items, and other purchases.  Download for free from Google Play or the App Store.

Top Cash Back

Get $5 to try this site plus cash back to shop at your favorite stores.

Checkout 51

Get cashback when you purchase select items at the grocery stores.  Can use their free app or do so from your computer plus get a chance to win $500 every week!

Mr. Rebates

Another site will give $5 to join and cashback to shop.


Get $5 to try this site plus cash back and coupons to shop online.


Get $10 to join and cash back when you shop at stores, find local deals, coupons, and more.

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