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Have you recently tried to be a content writer for Postloop?  Did you follow all the necessary steps only to find out that your account has been rejected?  Maybe you received a message something that read something like this below:

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“Unfortunately the posts that you made at The Postlooop Portal did not meet the level of quality that is required of Postloop.  Postloop strives to only deliver quality posts to its users.  The reason that your posts were rejected is as follows:
Your grammar is poor for Postloop.  We need posters with excellent English grammar.  Your account has been closed, as you unfortunately do not have what we are looking for.  You will not be able to apply for reviewal again, and you may NOT create another Postloop account.”

Do not let this message scare you away from signing up to be a content writer for Postloop.  Let’s break down this statement to tell what Postloop is really saying and some helpful tips that you can use so you will never have to get a response like this in the first place.

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To their credit, Postloop did state a specific reason why their posts were rejected.
The reason- is poor grammar.
They also stated that they needed posters with excellent English grammar.
Excellent, the meaning of the highest quality or exceptionally good.  Not perfect grammar.
Because of this, their account was closed, and are not allowed to apply again or create another account.

If you did not get a message that states that you are not able to apply again or create another Postloop account, you can reapply again.  This statement normally happens after a person has been approved to post on the Postloop portal and has made threads or responses on the various forums to receive payment and because of poor grammar, their accounts have been suspended.  This does not necessarily apply to those who are trying to get their account approved initially.

How can this be avoided?

If you are thinking of earning money from home as a content writer for Postloop or have recently had your account approved and received a welcome message via email from Postloop, here are some tips that can help.

  • Make sure your posts contain at least 3 sentences or about the length of a paragraph.
  • Use proper punctuation and capitalization.
  • Do not copy and paste content from other sources.
  • Try to avoid using abbreviated words or slang phrases.  (Examples:  r u ok?  When I grow up I want 2 be….)
  • Make sure that 20% of your posts are a new topic.
  • Stay on topic and try not to divert too far away from the subject content.
  • Observe other Postloop content writer threads.
  • Choose forums that you have some knowledge or expertise in.
  • Read your post to yourself to make sure it sounds okay.
  • Have fun and engage with your online communities.

If you incorporate and utilize all of these tips, your account will remain in good standing.  If you are a person that has difficulty or would like to brush up on your grammar, Grammarly is a free site that will give you a refresher course on proper grammar.  They also have a grammar checker, sample tests you can take, common grammar mistakes, and so much more.

Screenshot of My Postloop Account with Payment Proof


Royal Media, LLC sent you $152.07 USD


Hello Alicia Washington,
Just thought you’d like to know Royal Media, LLC sent you $152.07 USD.
Note from sender, Royal Media, LLC:

Thank you for your contributions!


Sender Information

Once the money’s there you can:
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Transfer it to your bank account (takes 2-3 days).
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Don’t see the money in your account?

Don’t worry – sometimes it just takes a few minutes for it to show up.
Royal Media, LLC

Why is Postloop so strict?

Postloop maintains high standards because their pay rate per post is much higher than anywhere else on the Internet today!  They do state that you need to be a skilled writer with at least a 12th-grade grammar level or you may not be approved to be a content writer for this company.

How much can I earn on Postloop?

If you spend just 2-3 hours every day on Postloop, you can expect to earn around $200 up to $300 a month as a content writer for Postloop.  You can earn much more if you spend more time each day posting on Postloop.

When will I get paid?

They pay every day as long as you have 100 points in your account.  One hundred points are equivalent to $5 that you can deposit into your Paypal account.

Can I earn more money on Postloop?

Yes, there is a way for you to earn more money on Postloop.  I wrote an article about how you can accomplish this that you can read on my official website here.  You may need to scroll down to view the article about Postloop.

What can I do if my account was rejected?

Assuming you received the email response that I quoted at the beginning of this post and you are no longer able to access your Postloop account, you could try to sign up with some of the other paid forum/commenting sites like:


The Forum Wheel
Paid Forum Posting
Wired Flame
KickStart Your Forums

Just remember that your grammar does not have to be perfect.  The more your write, the better you will become.  Your sentence structure and writing in general will improve overall.  You could even use Postloop as a platform to give you the confidence to start writing articles for other companies online or even on your own blog or website.  Here is a video below if you need more assistance on how to sign up and get started on Postloop.  You can also go to their official website here to start earning extra money online.


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