I am always on the lookout for very easy ways to make money online and Qriket happens to be one of the companies will give you free cash for doing absolutely nothing.  I have been using this app for just 3 weeks now and I have earned over $50 so far.  In this post I will explain how Qriket works and why you will want to use this app every day to earn extra cash.

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How does Qriket work?

The Qriket app gives their members free cash just to spin a wheel.  The app is free to download both on Google Play and the App store.  I know you probably think that it sounds too good to be true but it is completely legit, 100% free, doesn’t require you to buy or purchase anything and gives you the chance to win cash easy by simply clicking a tab on the app while you are using your smart phone or tablet.

Before you can click the tab to spin the wheel you will need to select a color.  The colors you can choose from are blue and yellow.  After you have picked your color, you can now spin the wheel and when the tab lands on your color, you win cash!  It is so easy to use and here are some reasons why I recommend that you give Qriket a try.

5 Reasons to use Qriket

1.  No age requirement.

2.  Takes less than 2 minutes of your time each day.

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3.  You are not required to answer questions, complete online tasks, scan receipts or anything of this nature.

4.  You get to watch 30-60 second video clips for more spins.

5.  Cash is credited to your account instantly!

How much can I earn with Qriket?

It really depends on how much you use it.  I recommend that you use it daily so that you can have more chances to win.  Each spin in worth from $0.05 up to $2 and sometimes more.  You get 7 chances to spin the wheel daily.  Each time you spin, you have the chance to win cash.  Some members are earning anywhere from $50 a month or more with the Qriket app.

How can join Qriket?

Anyone can join Qriket as long as you live in the US or Canada and have a Facebook account or either a valid email address and cell phone number.  Because there is no age requirement, it is a great app for teens and others to use for easy cash.  You will also need a PayPal account so that you can get paid.

How do I know if the Qriket app is legit?

As I stated earlier, I have already earned more than $50 with this app so far using it everyday.  I will show a payment proof from Qriket on my YouTube channel very soon.  There are also reviews from other Qriket users that you can read online when you download the app on Google Play or itunes.  Qriket also has over 13,000 Facebook likes from their users so far.

How do I sign up for Qriket?

You can visit their official website here where you will be prompted to download the app either on Google Play or iTunes depending upon what kind of device you have.  Make sure that you use the code 155066 when you join so that you will get 25 bonus spins on Qriket!

Are there any sites similar to Qriket?

Yes, there are a few easy cash sites that you can try.  I have several listed on the Easy Cash sitesGet Paid, Smartphone apps, gigs for teens, and Extra cash pages.  You can also read these posts for easy cash sites entitled, “22 Sites with same day pay” and “Top 20 Ways Teens can Make Money Online.”


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