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By now, many of you have heard about Lyft and may have even used this service in the past to get a ride.  But have you ever thought about driving for Lyft working your own schedule for extra cash?  If you haven’t, now would be a good time to consider doing this because Lyft is now offering a $250 bonus for new drivers in addition to the money that you will already earn driving for Lyft.

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Here is a little bit more background information about this popular company, how it works and how much money you can make driving for Lyft.

Who is Lyft?

Lyft, Inc is a peer-to-peer and a ridesharing transportation company that is frequently used by people who own a smart phone where passengers and drivers are matched by a mobile application. With Lyft, Inc, a passenger can book and schedule a ride for seven days or less in advance where she or he pays for the services through the company’s application.

Tips in the Lyft App

By now Lyft drivers have already been paid over two hundred million dollars in tips and over sixty-eight million dollars as bonuses.  Lyft, Inc always come up with new ways to help their drivers earn more.  With the Lyft App, it is possible for a passenger to give a driver a tip from the App a feature that has helped the drivers earn a significant amount.

Weekly Bonuses

The more a Lyft driver drives, the more he or she earns in the form of weekly bonuses.  Lyft, Inc has also come up with measures to ensure that they encourage their drivers to pick their passengers up when they need it the most.  For example, if you work late night hours, their drivers will be entitled to receive a Power Driver Bonus reward for even more cash.

According to a survey by Earnest which is a loan company, a Lyft driver makes an average of $377 dollars and a median of $210 dollars per month which is higher compared to competitive firms such as Uber.

When will I get paid?

Lyft, Inc has instant and flexible pay for their drivers.  Express pay is a very unique and first of its kind where it allows Lyft’s drivers can instantly withdraw cash anytime they wish.  You can also get paid every week.  Lyft drivers earn cash for every trip they make on a per minute and mile basis.

Referral Bonuses


Referrals is another way that Lyft drivers can utilize to earn extra cash without necessarily having to drive others around.  If you are able to invite and convince a person to drive with Lyft, you will receive a referral bonus that is also in addition to your driver earnings.

When you add together to weekly bonuses, referral bonuses and tips, it is easy to see why some people are able to make at least $200 or more driving for Lyft working just a few days each month.

Perks Driving for Lyft

The good thing with Lyft, Inc is that it is possible to drive on a part-time basis and set and work your own schedule or when it is most convenient for you.  In fact, some drivers make more than eight hundred dollars per month just by driving on the weekends.  This amount can be immediately withdrawn to your driver’s account through Express Pay.  In addition to this, you always get to keep all your tips driving for Lyft.  Lyft also provides additional insurance protection up to 1 million dollars with no cost to the driver.

Requirements to drive for Lyft

If you are interested in driving for Lyft, Inc, you will need to meet the following requirements.  The first requirement is you have to be at least twenty-one years and have your own Android or iPhone. Next, you will undergo a county background check, DMV check, and a national background check. From there you have to acquire a social security number.  The last requirement you will need a driving license that is at least twelve months old.  You will need a vehicle that has 4 door handles, 5 seat belts that are insured with in-state license plates.

Sign up for Lyft

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Sign up to drive for Lyft today by going to their official website.  Remember they are currently offering a $250 bonus for new drivers only for a limited time.  Make sure that you download the app and complete your driver profile so that you can start earning cash as soon as possible.

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