I thought that I would include some payment proofs that I have received recently just to confirm that these sites really do pay.  I did not include all of the companies in this list so if you don’t see a particular company listed below that does not mean that they do not pay.

I did receive a large payment from Paid Viewpoint (a legitimate survey company) but I saved up my balance for a few months before I cashed out.  I did the same with Qmee, a browser extension that will pay you cash when you search the Internet.    
You can sign up with any of these companies that are listed below and increase your overall earnings online.

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Clickworker – Earn cash completing micro tasks online.

Qmee – Get paid cash to search the Internet with this browser extension.
Ibotta – Smartphone app that you will give cash back from your purchases at the store.
Constant Content – Write articles in your spare time according to your own schedule and earn money.
Createspace – An Amazon company that will allow you to self-publish your own content in the form of books, music and movies for free and sell on Amazon and other worldwide channels.
Paid Viewpoint – Legitimate survey company that will pay you cash to answer questions and complete short polls.  Surveys only last a minute.  Pays via Paypal.  Must be at least 13.
Panthera Network – An affiliate company that you can sign up with as a publisher and earn cash promoting and displaying advertising from well known brands/companies on your blog/website and elsewhere.  Pays monthly  

As a member of the YouGov panel you will be part of a global community of people who share their opinions in return for points and rewards. Click Here

Clickworker.com sent you $30.09 USD

Hello Alicia Washington,
Just thought you’d like to know Clickworker.com sent you $30.09 USD.
Note from Clickworker.com:

Thank you for working with clickworker.com
clickworker.com CUS14-171311

Qmee Ltd sent you $99.35 USD

Hello Alicia Washington,
Just thought you’d like to know Qmee Ltd sent you $99.35 USD.
Qmee Ltd
+44 1189001402
Hello Alicia Washington,
Ibotta, Inc just sent you money with PayPal.

Payment details

Amount: $189.00 USD
Transaction Date: July 29, 2014
Be rewarded for watching cool online videos at Swagbucks! The more you watch, the more Reward Points you earn! Join Today
Transaction ID: 0EK816393P298312B

Constant Content sent you $6.00 USD

Hello Alicia Washington,
Just thought you’d like to know Constant Content sent you $6.00 USD.
Note from sender, Constant Content:

You have a new Payment from Constant-Content
Createspace Payment
Payment made to: ALICIA WASHINGTON
Our Supplier No.: 12915974
Supplier site name: MOD:US:1081128
Payment number: 15301108
Payment date: 30-JUL-2014
Payment currency: USD
Payment amount: 17.24

ICS/AskYourTargetMarket.com sent you $447.10 USD

Dear Alicia Washington,
Just thought you’d like to know ICS/AskYourTargetMarket.com sent you $447.10 USD.

Panthera Interactive LLC sent you $907.30 USD

Hello Alicia Washington,
Just thought you’d like to know Panthera Interactive LLC sent you $907.30 USD.
Note from Panthera Interactive LLC:

June 2014 Commissions. Thank you for your valued participation in the Panthera Network!
JUNE 2014 activity – Here is your MassPay


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