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Tellwut, short for “tell what you think” is a popular survey site that will reward its members with gift cards, electronics, and other prizes just to share your opinions online and participate in their community.  It is not like your typical survey panel, (in a good way).  This review about Tellwut surveys will explain the benefits of taking online surveys with this panel, how much you can earn, tips to help you earn more, and why you should sign up to be a member of their panel.

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How are Tellwut Surveys Different from other Survey Panels?

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Tellwut is an interesting site because they have surveys made by users of the site and not created by Tellwut which makes it more fun and very unique.  Many of you probably get discouraged when you join a survey panel and discover halfway through the survey that you do not qualify.  You will never encounter this problem taking surveys from Tellwut.  In addition to this, a lot of the surveys are interesting news events or issues around the world that make you aware of things that your local newspaper wouldn’t even inform you of.

How Much Can you Earn Taking Surveys for Tellwut?

You can earn approximately on average 150-250 points a day just by doing surveys on this site. This equates to around 6,500 points a month.  If you want a $25 Amazon gift card, you will need to have 10,000 points in your account.  Some panel members are able to achieve this in a month or so and others are able to earn a lot more I will explain how.

How Can you Earn More with Tellwut?

In addition to the surveys you can complete on Tellwut’s official website, they will also notify you via email with third-party surveys to help you earn a lot more points.  The quicker you are able to complete those third-party surveys after you have been sent the email, the more likely you will be able to qualify for those and not get screened out.

Tellwut just started offering these third-party surveys a year ago that members can take for extra points, gift cards, automatic entry to raffles, and sometimes even $5 to $20 in cash just for taking part in the survey.  You can also earn a few thousand points a month by taking surveys they send you by mail.  Yes, you can also earn points by completing surveys offline also.

There are some Tellwut survey members that are able to earn and cash out with a $25 Amazon gift card every 10 days.

How are they able to do this?

By taking every survey and promo that Tellwut sends you via email as well as on the site every day.  In case you were wondering, the survey invites that are sent to you via email take around 30 minutes of your time daily.  So if you are diligent and commit to taking Tellwut’s surveys, you will earn your gift cards a lot faster.

Why you should sign up with the Tellwut Survey Panel?

Tellwut is a great way to make some extra money for those who live in the US or Canada to supplement your mainstream income online.  You can also cash out your points for gift cards for well-known companies like Amazon, Starbucks, Walmart, Target, Subway, Home Depot, and many others.  This will easily help you to pay for half of your groceries, buy some much-needed household items, treat yourself and your companion to lunch, see a movie, or whatever you decide.  If you are looking for a fun way to make extra money online, give Tellwut surveys a try.

How to join Tellwut

Click here to join the Tellwut survey panel today.


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