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Have you ever thought about using Fiverr to grow or expand your business whether online or offline?  Not only is Fiverr a very affordable alternative to getting valuable services to promote and advertise your business but there are a lot of freelancers with creative talents that you can use to take your business to the next level.  Here are some ways you can use Fiverr to boost your very own business.
  • Design a website
  • Create logos for your blog or website
  • Video intros
  • Advertise your business
  • Write articles, press releases for your business
  • Manage your social media page
  • Grow your social media account
  • Create professional social media pages
  • Create banner ads to promote your product
  • Design e-book covers
  • Custom t-shirt designs
  • Proofread and edit content for you
  • Whiteboard animation
  • Short video ads
  • Voiceovers
  • Mobile apps for your business
  • Be your virtual assistant
  • Give you career advice
  • Provide business tips
  • Promote your business online and offline
These are just a few ways that Fiverr can help you to not just establish but maintain a successful business.  You will find a lot of satisfaction as you start your very own business because it is something that you own, have control over, and can reap the benefits from.  Fiverr is a site that allows people who have the same goals and desires as you but actually makes it a reality.  New users can create an account and get started almost immediately.  Remember a Fiverr gig starts at just $5 which is a practical price and can fit in any budget even those starting their own business.
How does Fiverr work?
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It is important to understand the layout and purpose of Fiverr as it was originally created.  Users otherwise known as Fiverr buyers can purchase a gig or several gigs to get your business on the right foot.  Whether your business is in selling books, designs, giving advice, selling jewelry, your own crafts, logos, baked goods, products, merchandise, a blog, as a tutor, teacher, instructor, or whatever you decide, many people who have purchased Fiverr gigs are pleased with the experience that they have encountered so far.  This has encouraged them to leave reviews and good feedback for the site developers.  Fiverr has expanded and offered even more gigs recently and hopes to assist business owners to achieve certain goals along the way.

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How to make the most from my Fiverr gig?

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Start making acquaintances with other people who happen to use the site.  Ask them what gig they recommend for your business and which Fiverr seller they have experience with and prefer.  It would be even better if they have a niche or business that is similar to yours so that you can benefit from their advice.  Start purchasing some gigs so that you can see some results as soon as possible.
How to pick a good seller on Fiverr?
Getting recommendations from others who have purchased Fiverr gigs and examining their work is a great way to help you select a Fiverr seller.  You will also want to read over the reviews from other Fiverr buyers who have purchased their gigs to see what their experience was like, if they were satisfied with their gig, if the seller was efficient with their communication, and how fast the gig was delivered.  All of the factors play need to be considered when you are deciding to purchase a gig from a seller on Fiverr.  It doesn’t hurt to try a new Fiverr seller because they are eager and hungry for work and need good reviews to get more people to buy their gig.  This means that they will probably try to work hard to do a good job on your Fiverr gig.

Why I recommend using Fiverr to launch your online business?

As I stated in the beginning, Fiverr is a reliable platform with literally thousands of freelancers looking for an opportunity to work for you to help you succeed in your business.  If you do well, so will the Fiverr sellers.  As your business expands, grows profit, and gains more exposure others may ask you who you used to promote your business, create your logos, banners, ads, etc.  When you tell them that you used Fiverr and which seller it was, that person can stand to get more sales based on your recommendations.  I have personally used Fiverr for my blog, website, and even a YouTube channel.  For example, my logos on the homepage of was designed by a Fiverr seller.  My video intro that plays in front of my videos is from a Fiverr seller and even one of my e-book covers was designed by someone on Fiverr.  I have purchased many more gigs, but this just gives you an idea of the kind of products I have purchased on Fiverr so that I could spend more time focusing on the content to publish on my blog.

I think you will be delighted with the professional work that freelancers on Fiverr have to offer your business or venture that you embark on.  Give it a try.  Remember Fiverr gigs start at just $5 apiece not including add-on’s and other upgrades you can purchase.  Click here to visit Fiverr’s official website and browse through some of their gigs today!  You won’t regret it.
Thinking about starting your own business?  Here are some options for you.
    • Start a Blog (Bluehost) and become a blogger (It really works)
    • Write Ebooks (Great for passive income)
    • Become a Social Media Influencer
    • Give advice as an expert or consultant
    • Become a professional writer
    • Be a Stella & Dot Stylist
    • Teach or Tutor Students
    • Start an online course and become an instructor
    • Create Apps
    • Be an affiliate marketer
    • Become a web designer
    • Virtual assistant
    • Be a freelancer (You could even get started as a Fiverr seller)
    • Work as an SEO expert
    • Online Coach (fitness, career advice, etc.)
    • Be a reviewer (movies, TV shows, makeup, products, food, etc.)
    • Sell on Amazon, eBay, etc.
    • Build an App


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