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10 Amazing Ways to make money without a website

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Have you ever been told that you need a website in order to make money online?  Although it is true that you can make money with a website that has some traffic, that is not the only way to make money online.  If that were really true there would not be a lot of people working from home or applying to work from home jobs.

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Here is the truth.  You can really make money from home, even passive income on a daily basis without a blog or website but how can this be achieved?  This exact question will be answered in this post.  I will explain not only how this works but the methods that you can explore for yourself to make this goal a reality.  Here are a few tried and tested options to make money from home without a website.

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  1. Newsletter – Before you dismiss this option and think I have nothing to include in a newsletter, think of your newsletter as a collection of ideas and notes geared towards a particular audience.  Your newsletter could be centered around cooking and maybe you share some of your favorite recipes, recommend cookware that is practical, offer coupons in your newsletter, tips on how to save money grocery shopping, and more.  You will need to sign up with a newsletter service and partner with an affiliate program or advertiser so that you can offer products in your newsletter to earn a commission. I personally recommend Constant Contact for your email service and affiliate companies like Clickbank, Panthera Network, Shareasale,, and Escalate Network just to name a few.  Find more advice and detailed information about how to promote it and make money with the newsletter by watching this video.
  2. Teach Online – Whether it is your passion, interest, or hobby, there are others that would be willing to learn from you.  You can teach people how to speak English online and make from $10 to $20 per hour.  Maybe you know how to play the guitar, create beautiful paintings, or have a knack for decorating, repurposing furniture, making crafts, building apps, or anything else, you could become an instructor and earn money for your knowledge on sites like Udemy and Creative Live.
  3. Writing – If you enjoy writing poetry or your thoughts and ideas down on paper, you can earn money writing for websites, and other bloggers, and even self-publish your own books or e-books.  This money that you will earn is passive income because once you have written the book, you will continue to earn it when someone purchases it.
  4. Jewelry Parties – Companies like Stella & Dot are always looking for people to display their unique jewelry pieces to others in their homes.  You could invite your friends and family over and earn some decent income when they order these items from you.  Learn more about becoming a stylist at Stella & Dot here.
  5. Promoting Products – Another easy way to make money from home is to promote and advertise other people’s products.  For example, if they have online courses, you can promote them, their products, books, etc. to earn a commission on the sale.  LinkShare and Amazon are great places to start.
  6. Videos – There are some people who are able to earn a decent income by creating and uploading videos to sites like YouTube.  You may think that you have to be in the video in order for it to be effective but my most-watched video is simply a screencast of me talking in the background.  I am not in the video at all.  This one video earns me close to $400 a month or more every single month.
  7. Video Surveys – These kinds of market research companies will pay you money to upload videos of you describing a product, with a product, etc.  Some of the companies you can sign up with are Video Chat Network (pays $100 per video survey), Mindswarms (pays $50 for every video survey answering 7 questions), and Voxpopme (an app that will pay you to answer questions in video format.  You can find more high-paying surveys here.  Please leave me your comment below to get a personal invite to the Video Chat Network.
  8. Social Media – There are some legitimate companies that will pay you to manage their social media accounts and content online.  Mod Squad is always looking for moderators to do just that and Appen is another well-known company that has several openings for social media evaluators who have followers on social media to improve the newsfeed of a social media platform.
  9. Voice Overs – Use your voice to make money reading scripts on sites like Fiverr, narrating books for ACX, Voice Bunny and you can find a list of other sites here.
  10. Smartphone Apps – Apps are another cool way to make money without a website.  This concept is getting quite popular in the remote community as an alternative source of income or in addition to working from home.  Here are some interesting ways you can make money with smartphone apps.
  • Take photos – Sites like Ibotta, Checkout51, Saving Star, and Fetch Rewards (use code G4HBH) will pay you to take photos and upload your grocery receipts.  Clickworker will also pay you to upload selfies doing an activity or with your favorite product.
  • Review AppsApperwall will pay you to write short reviews about other mobile apps and publish them on the App Store or Google Play.
  • Download free apps – Apps like Feature Points, Grab Points, and Cash for Apps will pay you to download and install other apps.
  • Run an appSmart Panel, Savvy Connect, and the Panel App will pay you cash to collect data as you visit websites and the web
  • DriveGet Upside (use code ALICIA7572) will give you free gift cards or cash when you install the app and buy gas.  Super easy to use.
  • Sell ClothesThredup will give you cash to sell your clothes, shoes, accessories, and more to them in exchange for cash.
  • Shop – Wouldn’t it be great to get cash to shop?  This is exactly what Ebates does.  Ebates is a great app that will give you cash back when you shop online or at the store.  Right now you can get double cash back only for a limited time.  Checks are sent in the mail quarterly.  Extrabux and Mr. Rebates are other sites that mimic this same concept that you can join.
  • Watch Ads, TV – There are several apps that will pay you to watch ads, exercise videos, movie trailers, and more.  Earnably, Swagbucks TV, and Inbox Dollars are just a few of these sites.  You can find out more by watching this video.  You can find more money-making apps by visiting this page.

Have some other ideas of how you can make money without a website?  If so, please leave me your comments below.


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