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If you are raising a child or children at home, you can share your opinions and give advice online in exchange for cash.  There are a couple of companies that will pay you to take short surveys online about upcoming TV shows specifically targeted to kids and teens, what kind of toys you buy or would consider buying for them, movie trailers you can watch online, and so much more!  Parent Speak and Panel Polls is one of my top two favorite companies that will pay you to do this from home and here’s why.

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  1. They both pay by check.
  2. The surveys are fun and short
  3. You can reach your payment threshold fast and get your money.
  4. You will receive several surveys a month.
  5. They offer bonus payments on certain surveys.

About Panel Polls

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First I will tell you more about Panel Polls.  This company doesn’t just allow moms and dads to get paid for their opinions but they also welcome entire families to participate, including kids (as long as they have their parent’s permission and participate along with them), teens, and young adults.  Every survey is worth money whether you qualify for them or not.  The surveys are entertaining and may include watching a video, commercial, or movie trailer or they could be regarding entertainment, sports, fashion, restaurants, and other related topics.

Who can join?

Panel Polls is open to kids 6-14, teens 15-17, young adults 18-24, and parents of children ages 2-17.  Individuals can also join Panel Polls if they are between the ages of 15-24 and meet certain criteria.  Families that would like to join must first have an adult register for the panel and register their children also.  The registered members would receive their invitation from Panel Polls that will be sent to the parent’s email address for them to complete online for cash.  They also pay bonuses as well as shown below.

Panel Poll Bonuses

These bonuses are in addition to the money that you will receive for completing their online surveys, so it is very easy and attainable to earn a few extra dollars every month participating in other projects from this company.

$5-$10 (bonus) to watch TV shows, movies, online games, visit websites, and more.
$10 (bonus) every month for participating in online communities and projects.
$10  (bonus) every month to be a Mobile Apps and Games Beta tester program.
$35 – $55 (bonus) for Online Focus Groups and Games Testing projects.
$55 – $75 (bonus) to participate in in-person Focus Groups held in NYC and LA.

How to Sign Up?

Panel Poll does not always accept new members but they are at this time.  If you would like to join and earn money for your opinions, please sign up by clicking here for Panel Polls today.

Parent Speak

Parent Speak is another one of my favorite survey sites for parents.  This online community will reward you with $1 to share your opinions online.  If the surveys are a lot longer you will earn more than $1.  You can also earn an extra $5 every month just by contributing your comments to their online community.  This panel is specifically intended for parents only.  One thing that I love about Parent Speak is that you will see your earnings in real-time.  I have only been with this panel community for a couple of months and have reached my payment threshold.  Your check will come in 2-3 weeks after you have earned at least $10.  To sign up for Parent Speak, click here and get paid cash for your opinions!

Do you have a favorite parent survey site or survey site in general?  If so, leave me your comments below.


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