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Making money from home can not only be very convenient for those who choose not to commute to a physical location for work and instead earn cash in their pajamas right from their home computer but it can also be fun and rewarding.  This is especially true if you complete tasks and assignments that you enjoy, are easy to do, and do not take up too much of your time.

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If you are a person who needed your cash like yesterday, you will appreciate some companies that give their remote workers the option to receive their pay fast.  That is why I have written this post in hopes of sharing with you more options that you can add to your list of sites that pay the same day.

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Most of these sites take only a few minutes to register to be a member.  Some sites even allow you the option to choose which tasks you want to work on and for how long.  This makes it convenient for you because it allows you to complete these tasks whenever you want whether it be on the weekends, in late evenings, in the early morning hours, or whenever you have some free time.

Tip:  In order to maximize your income, make sure that you choose your tasks wisely, have a speedy Internet connection, refer your friends to join them, and work very efficiently.  You will also want to combine these sites with other online gigs to steadily increase your overall online earnings. You can check out the Get Paid Online page for a huge list of sites that will pay you to do a variety of things online.


22 Sites with Same Day Pay

  1. Qmee – I love this site because you can get your cash directly deposited to your PayPal account immediately.  They also have no payment threshold.  They are open in the US and UK and you can click to visit the various websites for cash when you browse sites on Google, Bing, eBay, and Amazon.
  2. Bank Roll Bucks – This site will pay you cash within the hour if you have earned just $1 in your account for watching videos, playing games, taking surveys, and more.  Bank Roll Bucks is also open to members worldwide.
  3. Ibotta – This smartphone app will give you cashback when you shop at the grocery store, go to the movies, home improvement, Club stores, and other department stores and upload your receipt.  You will need at least $20 in your account to request your money via PayPal, Venmo, or with a gift card of your choice.  If you like using virtual receipts, it will not take you too long to reach the $20 threshold.  Get started with iBotta here.  You can see even more Smartphone apps that pay cash here.
  4. Ysense – Get paid to visit new websites, watch advertisements, and more.
  5. OneSpace – You can earn your cash immediately withdrawn to your PayPal account the next day.  There is no payment threshold limit.  Onespace was formerly known as CrowdSource.  You can read all about what kinds of work you can complete there and how much you can earn with CrowdSource.
  6. Amazon Mturk – Amazon Mturk is another site that you can add to the list of same-day sites that pay daily.  You will need to live in the US and be able to work on any tasks you qualify for.  Find out how you can make the most with Amazon Mturk here.
  7. Crowd Flower – You can get your cash daily by completing various crowd flower micro-tasks on their official website.
  8. InstaGC – I also enjoy this site because you can earn instant cash or gift cards to watch popular videos, search the web, listen to music online and so much more.  You only need to be 13 and they are open to members in several countries.
  9. Bing Rewards – This site will reward you to search on Bing!  You will only receive gift cards here but they send them to you the same day.
  10. Fetch RewardsGet paid $2 when you use the code G4HBH plus earn a Visa Prepaid card or gift card to scan your receipt from any purchase!  Download the app for free on Google Play or the App Store.  
  11. Quick Rewards – Get paid daily to print grocery coupons, receive emails, for watching videos, and more!  You must live in the US, UK, or Canada in order to join this site.  You can cash out anytime as often as you want to.
  12. Paid Viewpoint – This site will pay you cash to take short polls on topics that are of interest to you that take less than 2 minutes of your time.  You will always qualify for daily polls.  No email invitation is needed.
  13. Scribie – If you are interested in doing transcription from home and would like to get your money daily, Scribie is definitely a site that you will want to try.  You will need a verified PayPal account and be required to take an online test.  Scribie pays $10 per audio hour.
  14. Grab Points – This site will pay you to answer trivia questions, download apps, watch videos, and more.  You can cash out your points via Amazon or PayPal gift cards in less than 24 hours!  It is also open worldwide.
  15. Swagbucks – You can cash out your points for gift cards from Swagbucks and get them within 24 hours.  They also have a mobile app that makes it even easier for you to earn points.  Click here to get started.  Find out how you can make more with Swagbucks here.
  16.  Field Agent – This app will pay you to gather information on your smartphone and take photos of display shelves at the grocery stores, obtain prices, and do other tasks.  Available on Google Play or the App Store.
  17. Gig Walk – This app will also pay you to complete various tasks around your area to check prices, quick audits, and other simple tasks.  Available on Google Play or the App Store.
  18. Opinion Outpost – This survey site will pay you cash daily to take daily surveys online.  You will need a PayPal account.

    There are 4 additional sites that will pay you cash daily that is mentioned in this YouTube video that you can watch below.  If you are using some of these sites already or know of any that I didn’t mention, please leave me your comments below.


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