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One of the easiest ways to make money online is by joining a referral program where you will get paid a percentage or fee for every person that you refer.  Your referrals could come from your immediate family, close friends, neighbors, acquaintances, co-workers and others.  If you do well in referring others, it can be a source of passive income for you.

Passive income can be defined as gaining or generating income with very minimal effort involved. There is a strategy that will have to be implemented in order to get others to sign up under you. One of the ways this can be achieved is by being completely transparent and honest about what they can expect if they sign up for a certain service, product or offer as well as highlighting the benefits of the program or site, explaining why it is worth their time and what they can stand to gain from it.

If you are trying to recruit your friends/family it will be a little easier to do so because they already know you and trust or value your opinions but for strangers it may be somewhat of a challenge.  You will have to overcome their fears and hesitations by offering tips that they may not be able to find elsewhere, valuable advice or showing them proof of payments that you have received.

Once you have mastered this approach, you will be able to convince almost anyone to sign up under you especially if it is a good deal!

Here are a few sites that you can use for Big Cash to refer others

Cash Back Sites


This is one of the top cash-back sites that I recommend and use because they have a high payout for referrals as well as contests.  A lot of people will be shopping online in the upcoming weeks so now is a great time to refer your friends.  It is free and you get a $10 gift card when you start using Ebates.  If you are able to refer 10 others in a quarter period you can make an extra $100! You can read more about how easy it is to make money using Ebates here.


Earn $5 when your friends and others sign up to use Extrabux.  This is another cash-back site that will give them up to 30% off of their online purchases.  Your referrals will get a $5 cash bonus just for signing up!  You can visit Extrabux here.

Get Paid to Sites

Cash Crate

Your friends will get $1 when they sign up to use Cash Crate and you will get paid up to %30 for all their earnings from watching videos, trying out free offers, taking surveys and more.  Find out the top ways you can make money with Cash Crate here.


instaGC is another GPT site that will pay you cash when your friends join this program.  You can earn cash to watch popular videos, complete various tasks and more.  You will also receive 10% of their earnings.  See how you can get cash fast from InstaGC here.


One of the most popular money-making apps on the Internet today that allows you to earn points that you can redeem for cash to answer questions, play trivia games, complete word searches, watch movie trailers and more.  You can earn 15% of what your referrals receive.  Get started here.

Inbox Dollars

Get paid for playing games, taking surveys, watching videos as well as for referring your friends. You will receive 10% of their qualified earnings.  You will get $5 when you sign up!  Get started here.

Fusion Cash

This is another site that will give you a $5 signup bonus and cash to listen to the radio, when you make phone calls, watch videos and more.  You will earn $1 when your friend confirms their email, $2 when they complete an offer when they complete an offer and $5 when they cash out.

Bank Roll Bucks

This daily get paid to site will give you cash to take fun surveys, visit various websites and more! You will earn 25% of your friends earnings.  Pays very fast!  Same day.

Gift Hulk

Earn cash to watch TV, try apps, take surveys and get up to 600 extra points for referring others.

Treasure Trooper

Get paid to make calls, listen to the radio, search the web, complete tasks and cash when you refer your friends.


This site will pay you to view ads online and also to refer your friends.  You will can earn up to $10 for every person that you refer depending upon your membership.


Earn when you post on forums and blogs as well as %10 of your referrals earnings.


Tell your friends about Slicethepie and how they can earn extra cash listening to music and reviewing clothes online.  Read more about getting paid to review clothes from Slicethepie here.


Get paid to complete multiple short tasks online, when you shop online, take surveys and more.  You will earn points that you can redeem for cash also.  Find out how to get free stuff with Swagbucks here.


Earn cash to share links on social media, take surveys, share apps with your friends, watch videos and more.  Enter code Workersonboard when you join for 500 free bonus points.


Get cash when you visit various websites.  You will also earn $1 for every friend who also signs up for Qmee.


Paid Viewpoint

Get paid cash to take mini polls and up to $25 for every person that you refer.

Survey Savvy

This survey panel has a two-layered referral program where you will get paid extra cash for referring your friends to take online surveys.

Survey Savvy Connect

You will earn cash when your referrals complete Savvy Connect projects.  This feature of Survey Savvy also has a two-layered referral program where you can earn $5-$15 for direct referrals and $2-$6 for indirect referrals

Instant Cash Sweepstakes

Earn instant cash when you take daily mini-polls, have a chance to win more cash with their daily giveaways and also earn more when your friends win cash!  Fast payout.  Get started here.

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Take surveys from your computer, smart phone or tablet.  You will earn at least $1 for every survey you complete and also $1 when your referrals completes a survey too!  Open in the US and Canada.


This opinion panel will pay you cash when you take surveys and when your friends take them too. Open worldwide.

HCD Surveys

Get paid to take at least $1 up to $5 to take health care, food and entertainment surveys and $0.50 for every friend that you refer to sign up too.

As a member of the YouGov panel you will be part of a global community of people who share their opinions in return for points and rewards. Click Here

Smartphone Apps

Feature Points

Get paid to get your friends to try the Feature points apps for free and earn points when they download and try free apps.


Earn cash to scan your receipts and refer your friends.  Free app that pays via PayPal or gift cards.  Your friends will get $10 when they start using the app.

Pay your Selfie

This free app will pay you cash to take selfies and upload them online.


Get paid to snap a photo of your receipts and to refer your friends.



Get paid cash to send your clothes and other items to Thredup and also for telling your friends about it.

Blue Host

If you know someone who wants to start their own blog or website, make sure that you refer them to use Blue Host.  You can earn $65 per referral!

WP Engine

This is another site that will pay you $200 for every person that you refer to use Blue Host for their blogging needs.


Get paid cash to run ads on your blog or website and also to have your friends sign up also.

Share a Sale

Show advertisers products on your blog or website and also get paid cash to refer your friends and family to do the same.

Google Apps

Get paid $15 for every person that you refer to try Google Apps.  This include emails, documents and other tools that they will need for their business.





Cam · January 10, 2017 at 3:01 pm

Hi aw1219, I wanted to let you know there is another website that offers a huge payout for referrals. It’s called Meteorsites. They a pay a residual income of $10 dollars a month for every referral. I would consider adding it to this blog.

Here is their URL:

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