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25+ Work at home resources you will need

I know how difficult it can be to get a work at home job.  The job search seems to never end, applying to companies at times can be stressful and then waiting to hear if you have got a job can leave some feeling a little anxious.  But without legitimate resources to help you find a job, the search can become a job in itself and be a little bit overwhelming.

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That is where I come in.  I am here to help you navigate through the scams so that you can find and apply to legitimate work at home jobs that are currently hiring.  One thing that helped me was having resources that I used in my online job search.  I hope they will prove to be beneficial to you too.

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25 + Work at home Resources that you will need

  • Weekly Jobs – Having access to work at home companies hiring on a weekly basis is crucial to you finding a work at home job.  Please bookmark and visit and go to the weekly job section and Friday freebie pages for legitimate resources to help you see who is hiring now, what the pay is, details of the job, and any other relevant information including job reviews, articles, and so forth.
      • YouTube Channel – Along with having access to weekly work at home job leads, you will want to take advantage of the content that is shared on Workersonboard official YouTube channel.  This channel is loaded with work at home tutorials, guides, leads to additional work at home jobs, payment proofs and so much more.  Videos are uploaded weekly.
      • WAHM – This forum community has a lot of work at home news for stay-at-home moms and dads who desire to work remotely.  You can find insight about starting your own business, reviews about legitimate work at home companies, which companies to avoid, additional job leads, and more.  Join this free community today.
      • Work at home Arena – This forum community has been replaced by Work Place Like Home where you can check out the latest work at home job leads, sites you can use for extra cash, and see discussions about others who have worked or currently work from home and what it’s like.
      • Indeed – The popular job board has several work from home jobs that are posted daily that you can apply to online.  Please remember to be very selective and cautious before applying to a company to ensure it is legit.  You can simply use the search terms:  work at home, work from home, telecommute, remote, virtual, online, and even narrow the job search results by what job you desire.
      • UpWork – This site has hundreds of online gigs for freelancers looking to complete jobs and assignments for individuals and companies online.  You will need to register first.  It is free to do so.  There is a lot of competition on this platform, so make sure you read this post for tips to help you get a gig at UpWork.
      • Pinterest – Believe it or not Pinterest has hundreds of boards dedicated to work at home jobs that you can browse through and click to visit to apply and find out more information.  You can even follow boards that you feel are valuable in your work at home research.  You can check out our Board here.
      • Craigslist – Craigslist actually has some reputable companies that post work from home jobs in select cities on Craigslist.  Sykes, TeleNetwork, Call Center QA, Appen, and several others post available jobs with this popular site.  It is not always easy to find legitimate opportunities using Craigslist, so be very careful with vague descriptions and promises that you can make hundreds or thousands of dollars a day with a site.  There are a lot of scammers that post on Craigslist.  You can watch this video so that you will know how to be careful when searching for work at home jobs on Craigslist.

    • Facebook Groups – Being on Facebook has its advantages when it comes to looking for a work from home job.  You can join these groups to find out important information, be the first to know about job leads, tips, and tricks for some of your favorite sites, and more.  Amazon has a Facebook Group for its turkers and Workersonboard has a new Facebook group with job leads, discussion about companies, honest reviews, and more.  You can even get satisfying answers to your questions there.  You can join their Facebook Group here.
    • Online Courses – You can save yourself a lot of time and be empowered when you take an online course.  Udemy has several courses specifically in the work from home category or starting your own business that you will want to take advantage of so that you can have the upper hand when it comes to applying to companies and finding the best job that will fit your needs.  Here are a few that you can take:

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    • Work at home Books – In addition to online courses, books are very practical in helping you to navigate your way through to some of the well-known companies and find out what they are really looking for in their employees, how to do well on any kind of test you may have to take and so much more.  I have even bought a couple and was surprised at how much they reveal.  You can check out some here on Amazon below.



Work at home Supplies – When you work from home you are going to need equipment in the form of surge protectors, USB headsets, keyboards, etc. to make your home office remote-ready.  Please check out this list of work from home essentials so that when you are hired, you will be ready to work.

Please feel free to browse this blog for additional work at home reviews, leads, and resources to help you be successful in your work at home journey.

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