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Tips to get a work from home job

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Have you been applying to multiple employers in the hopes of getting a work from home job?  Are you getting discouraged thinking you will never be offered a job even though you qualify?  If so, there are some practical things you can do right now to improve your chances of getting a work from home job.

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By implementing these tips, you will drastically improve your work from home job possibilities.  So be sure to do so as soon as possible.

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  1. Create a LinkedIn Profile – A lot of employers look to social media to review candidates’ profiles before they hire them.  Make sure you have a profile on LinkedIn to connect with employers.  Use your profile to showcase your work history, job skills, achievements, and abilities.  LinkedIn is a great way to connect directly with hiring managers and recruiters.
  2. Search Work from Home Jobs – Visit websites and job boards that list up-to-date work from home jobs like  After you find some jobs, narrow down your selection and apply to the jobs that most match your skills, job history, and abilities.
  3. Research Companies – Once you find an employer or company with work from home jobs, research them.  Why?  Doing this will help you know more about the company, exactly what they are looking for in potential candidates, who the hiring recruiter is, what jobs they have available, etc.  The more you know about the company the better.  If you are asked to interview with the company, you will impress the interviewer with your knowledge and interest in the company.
  4. Update/Refresh Resume – Many people get stuck in the job journey because of their resume.  Either their resume is out of date or is not designed to pass the ATS Tracking System.  Regardless, their resume may not reach the employer they want to get hired for.  I have created 2 simple resume templates with free cover letters and tips to help you solve this problem.  This resume file has a 5-star rating and will improve your chances of getting a work from home job.  It is simple and easy to edit.  Grab your resume here.  Check out my most popular resume template designed to get better results here.
  5. Network with others – Without support in any endeavor, the task at hand can pose greater challenges.  With support, we can accomplish much.  This is why we need a network of people that can give us direction, guidance, and encouragement in our work from home journey.  Not only can they increase your knowledge of what it’s like to work from home but even help you to get hired for a company they work for.  This has happened so many times in our group Workersonboard Community.  This Facebook Group is a great space to help you get information about working from home and share your work from home experiences with others.  You can also avoid work from home scams as a member of Workersonboard Community.  Join here today.
  6. Apply Regularly – Apply to work from home jobs often.  This strategy really works because you may not receive a job on the first try or just by applying once.  Apply regularly to have a better chance of getting hired.
  7. Follow Employers – Follow employers on social media is a great way to stay informed about any jobs or upcoming jobs before others are aware of it.  I personally recommend Facebook because most companies make updates there where they can get attention and traction to fill upcoming positions.

These are just a few suggestions that can help you get a work from home job.  I know that you will have greater success if your work from home job journey.


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