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9 Sites that pay cash instantly

Sometimes we get in a bind where we need a site that will pay out cash right away.  Let’s face it, unfortunate events happen where you don’t have time to wait a couple of days or a week or two until you receive your cash.  For many, getting paid instantly is not just a desire but a need and that is why I have written this post to bring you some legitimate sites that will pay you instantly.

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These companies are not just for adults but many of them allow teens to join and a few are even open in several countries or all over the globe for those who live outside the United States.  Please keep in mind that if you have just joined a site and need to cash out your earnings, you may not have a lot of cash on hand in your account but if you have signed up with other sites that pay instantly, your income can add up really fast!

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Please remember to stay active with these sites that pay instantly so that you can continue to use them in the near future.

Sites that Pay Instantly


The fact that the first few letters of the instant are in the company name is a good indication that they pay fast.  In fact, InstaGC is known for giving away instant digital gift cards the second that you select one without any delay or hesitation.  This is one of the reasons why people continue to actively use this site.  Not to mention that they have several gift cards to choose from and you can even request a check, direct deposit, Bitcoin, or PayPal.  They are also open in several countries as long as you are at least 13.  You can start earning points right away for instant gift cards.  Over 100 gift cards to choose from.


Get paid as soon as you have earned some cash with Qmee by taking their paid surveys or searching and browsing the web by downloading the Qmee browser.  It is free and sponsored websites will be highlighted in green on the left-hand corner of your screen.  You will earn cash upfront that will be directly deposited into your Qmee account that you can request the same day.  They also have a mobile app that you can download to make it easier for you to earn as long as you are at least 13.

Quick Rewards

You will definitely want to join this site for quick cash if you like taking surveys, watching online videos, playing games, and more.  There is absolutely no payment threshold and they are also open in several countries.  You will receive your reward in 24 hours or less.

Door Dash

If you deliver for DoorDash, drivers can get their cash instantly if they use the Fast Pay feature.  Fast pay will cost you $1.99 in order to get your cash instantly.  This option is perfect for those who want to get paid daily.


One of my favorite free apps to use for cash-back not just because I forget to clip coupons and can use digital ones but also due to the fact that you can request your cash and get it in just a few short minutes.  They always pay and are very reliable.  If you haven’t tried Ibotta to get cashback on your purchases, please give it a try today.  You will not regret using this app.

Prize Rebel

This is another easy site to use for fast cash.  You can redeem your points in 24 hours or less (most rewards are sent within the hour) just to give your opinion, browse the internet, complete simple online tasks and so much more.  Teens can also join this site and they are open in several countries.


If you like chatting with others online about a variety of topics in an online community discussion board for daily cash, then Postloop is just the site for you.  It is easy, fun to use, and allows you to get paid to express yourself.  You will need a verified PayPal account in order to get paid.  Open worldwide and to teens also.

The Forum Wheel

The site is very similar to Postloop where you get paid to post on various forums for instant cash.  You must follow the rules that each forum owner has set in place so that you will get paid for your discussions.

Bank Roll Bucks

Get paid to try free offers, check out interesting websites, answer questions, watch videos, and more.  I just received a check in the mail for almost $175 from this site.  Checks are sent out every Friday.  If you want your cash faster, you can select the instant Amazon gift cards to be used on Amazon’s official website only.  This site is open worldwide for people who are at least 13.  You can watch my latest video to see my payment proof from Bank Roll Bucks below.

Honorable Mention

Paid Viewpoint

This is another site that you should join because it is so reliable and has some of the quickest polls that you will ever take for fast cash.  Once you have $15 in your account, you can request your earnings and get them in 72 hours or less.  They have an awesome referral program too!


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