Would you like to get paid the very same day that you start working from home?  Many of us would like to be able to cash out the very same day but it seems difficult if not close to impossible to be able to achieve this.  Believe it or not, there are several companies that will pay you within 24 hours of you completing your assignment, task or gig right from your computer.

Just keep in mind that most of these companies do pay via PayPal so if you haven’t signed up for a PayPal account, you might want to do so because it will go directly into your account for you to spend online or transfer to your bank account.

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Here are a few sites that will pay you within 24 hours listed below

  1. Qmee – App or browser extension that you can install on your computer that will give you cash when you search the Internet.  You will need to click on the Qmee results shown on the left hand side of your screen in order to get a cash reward.  Most searches pay from 5 up to 20 cents per click.
  2. The Forum Wheel – One of my favorite paid forum posting sites that you can sign up with and earn money on daily just for commenting on various forums.  Easy and fun.
  3. Call Center QA – Telephone mystery shopping company that will pay you $5 per call that takes only 10 minutes.  They also have a variety of short online forms that takes a few minutes to complete.  The pay for this is $2-$4 each.  You can also earn $5 for every person you refer.
  4. Crowd Source – This site has multiple micro tasks that you can do from home in editing, writing, etc.
  5. Sponsored Tweets – Earn money fast tweeting out sponsored advertisements from various companies and brands.  Must have at least 50 Twitter followers to sign up for an account.
  6. Ibotta – A smart phone app that you can download and use to get cash back from your purchases at the store, movies, restaurants and much more!
  7. Amazon Mturk – Earn cash daily working on simple tasks that can include data entry, researching, watching videos, taking surveys and so much more!
  8. Newslines – Write and submit very short posts on Newslines and earn $1 for every one that is approved.  Must contain 50 up to 100 words.  Can write on any topic.
  9. Mindswarms – Get paid $50 to participate in paid mobile video surveys using your webcam.  You will answer just 7 questions that only takes 15 minutes of your time.  Can use on your laptop, desktop, smart phone or tablet to record your answers.
  10. Prize Rebel – Get paid to take surveys, engage in videos and complete online tasks.  Payments are made every 24 hours.  You can choose to receive cash via PayPal or through various gift cards.


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