Do you enjoy dining out at restaurants to try out some of their appetizing dishes?  If so, you may want to check out a new mobile app called Servy.  This app will actually reward you for giving private, constructive feedback to any and all restaurants you dine at in exchange for cash plus a charitable donation to local food banks.  This is taking mystery shopping to a whole other level.   In this post, I will explain just how easy it is to get started and how you can use this app for extra cash!

Here is how Servy works

Before you can select and complete any evaluations on the Servy app, you will need to first download the app on Google Play or the App store to join.  Next you will complete your shopper profile which will consist of your personal information and a question about why you would be a good shopper to evaluate various restaurants.  After your shopper profile has been approved, you can select restaurants in your area that you would like to evaluate by clicking on the “Restaurant” tab in the app.

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You will claim the evaluation first before you visit the restaurant and tap on the “Reimbursement” button to confirm all the details.  You will then go to the restaurant you selected and give details about the service, food and atmosphere of that particular restaurant.  After you have completed this step, you will “check in” with a picture of your itemized receipt within the time frame allowed and submit your evaluation within 48 hours after you have eaten your meal.  After your evaluation of the restaurant has been approved, you will get reimbursed for the amount that was listed in the app.

What kind of restaurants can I evaluate?

Servy has almost every restaurant in the United States listed in their app for you to choose from where you will earn cash or reimbursement for your evaluation and a charitable meal donation to a local food bank.

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Can I evaluate a drive thru order?

Not at this time.  You will also be unable to submit an evaluation for payment if you ordered your meal by means of a MealPass or if you are an employee of the restaurant that you are evaluating.

Are delivery order eligible for evaluation?

Yes.  In order to submit a delivery evaluation, you will click on the “Delivery” tab in the app to find the restaurant and location you will order from and tap on the “Reimbursement” button to confirm the evaluation details just the same as you would if you were evaluating a restaurant you were visiting.  Next, you will place your order at the restaurant online, through an app or by phone and “Check in” by uploading a photo of your receipt within the allotted time.  Complete and submit your evaluation in less than 48 hours after you have eaten your meal.  You will also get paid once your evaluation has been approved.

How many evaluations can I do at once?

You can have 2 pending shops or restaurant evaluations at one time but you will not be able to select another shop or evaluation until you have completed them.

How will I get paid for my evaluations?

Servy can send your earnings to your Venmo, PayPal or Chase Quickpay accounts or donate your earnings to one of their food bank partners but that is totally optional and not a requirement.  Once you have earned $20, you can redeem your earnings.

How much does each evaluation pay?

It really depends upon the restaurant you choose.  Most evaluations will pay you at least $4 and the featured restaurants pay at least $20.

Can teens use this app for extra cash?

Servy requires their users to be at least 18 but I have a list of sites that allow teens to earn extra money that you can check out here.  You can also browse this site for additional resources for teens.

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Can I bring others with me?

Absolutely!  Dine as you normally would.

How do I sign up?

Join Servvy to be a shopper here.

Tips for Servy Shoppers

  • Take your time and put some thought into your answer when Servy asks you why you would be a good shopper to evaluate their restaurants.  Tell them about your dining habits, how you enjoy giving your feedback, any experience you have as a mystery shopper and any other details that you think are relevant or would find helpful.
  • Make sure you pay close attention to every detail about the restaurant and your experience so that you can give a thorough and honest review.
  • Do not place a restaurant order in advance of the evaluation.  Servy wants you to evaluate the quality of the service while you are dining and you may forfeit your earnings if you do so.
  • Browse through the featured restaurants to earn more per evaluation.
  • Make sure your receipt has the date and time when you claimed your opportunity or checked in so that it will be approved.
  • Do not post public reviews about any restaurants that you evaluated with Servy.
  • Make sure that you submit your report or evaluation within 48 hours so that it will be fresh in your mind and you will not forget any important facts or details.
  • Tell your friends to use the Servy app for extra cash too.

Last but not least have fun and enjoy yourself!  Not only will you get help restaurants improve their service overall but you will get cash for dining at some of your favorite places and at the same time help out the community because local food banks will get a charitable donation as well.

Make sure that you sign up with Servy here to check out some of the restaurants in your area that will give you cash back for your private feedback.  Enjoy!

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