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When was the last time you seen a powerful message contained in a short commercial, video, or even movie trailer?  I just did today because I am a paid reviewer for Slicethepie.  The commercial was for the Dove campaign movement that highlights the images we see in ourselves to embrace what we truly are not so much as what we perceive ourselves to be on the outside.  To accept the beauty within and even embrace our differences as a unique individual.

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Slicethepie has been paying their members cash to review not just music but clothing items, home decor, movie trailers, logos, apps, and even commercials and films.  What I really like about reviewing these short video clips is that it gives you the opportunity to say what you really feel and think without being criticized for doing so.  You now have the chance to give voice to your thoughts without apologizing and get paid for doing so.  If you would like to do the same, I will explain exactly what’s involved and how you can get started today!

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How to Review on Slicethepie

Reviewing Music – If you would like to review new songs from music artists, you will need to listen to each song for at least 90 seconds from the beginning before you will be prompted to give your opinion.  At this point, you can express your thoughts about the lyrics, instruments, background vocals, tone, style, and other features of the song.  You will rate the song on a scale of 1 to 10 with 10 being the highest.  Once you complete these two steps, you will earn money in real-time.

Reviewing Clothing Items/Home Decor – You will see a sample clothing or home decor item (like jeans, a pillow, jacket, etc.) that may be available to display in retail and department stores that you can purchase in the near future.  Your job is to browse over the item and give attention to the details including the fabric, length, style, color, pattern, etc.  You will also write a brief overall review, rate the item for 1 to 10, and get paid.

Reviewing Logos/Apps – The reviewing process is similar to the ones listed above in which you will see and get to closely exam the logo or mobile app and get paid to rate it after you have written just a few short sentences about what you liked, didn’t like or what have liked to see about the design or app.

Reviewing Videos – This is one of my favorite sections to review on Slicethepie because as with the other categories, there is no time limit but you do want to be efficient so that it will be worth your while.  You also don’t come up with a loss for words because videos can be so powerful and can relay emotions and feelings that are unique to the person reviewing and for each video.  Right now, Slicethepie is giving a bonus to members who review videos which is more than you would make in the other categories.

How much can you Make Reviewing on Slicethepie?

The answer to that question will be up to you.  If you like to work fast and are a person that loves details or is analytical or enjoys expressing yourself, you could easily make $35 a week with Slicethepie.  This is assuming that you review items on a daily basis earning at least $5 a day.  You can earn more by leaving creative and compelling reviews which will boost your star rating.  The rating for reviewers is from 1 to 5 with 5 being the highest; earning you the most per review.  You can read more about this here or watch the video below.  If you refer your friends, you will earn more with this site also.

Can teenagers make money with Slicethepie?

Yes.  As long as you are at least 13 years of age, you can use Slicethepie to review new music and other items.

What if I only have a smartphone?

No worries.  Smartphone, Tablet, Apple, or Android users can either log into their Slicethepie account or download their mobile app and review right from your mobile device.

Benefits of using Slicethepie

It is challenging.  Something that you will not get bored with easily due to the various categories.  You get to discover and learn about new products, music, and items that may become available to consumers.  It can help to improve not only your writing skills, if you decided to start your own blog or website and to increase your typing speed, which can be a factor when applying to work at home jobs.  You also get your earnings on a weekly basis.  Twice a week, for those who are active reviewers.  Slicethepie pays in cash, not gift cards.

How to join Slicethepie?

You can join Slicethepie here.  Due so today so that you can start earning some extra cash online.  If you are using Slicethepie, please leave your comments about what you like about it or changes you would like to see with this site.

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