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Do you want to get paid to review calls from home?  Are you looking for a non-phone work-at-home job?  Do you want any time of the day or night?  Are you a teenager looking for a legitimate site that will pay you to work from home?  Are you lacking work-at-home experience or a resume but still want to find a way to make money online?

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If so, Humanatic is a work-at-home company that has made it possible for teens, those with small kids at home, those who live outside the US, and many others to finally get a real work-at-home job.

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Humanatic has been around for several years now and in the past few weeks and months, they have made a lot of changes to their site and even added some new features to make it even more user-friendly for their call reviewers.

How does Humanatic work?

It is one of the easiest work-at-home jobs that you can do.  After you have signed up and been accepted to be a call reviewer, you will simply log into your account and start working.  Your job will consist of listening to live recorded calls from your computer to simply sort into categories in the form of multiple choice below.

How long do the calls last?

Most of the calls take less than a minute to sort, (some longer) depending upon the time it took to reach an actual person.  There is short training provided after you have been accepted to be a call reviewer but it is as simple as following instructions and listening closely to each call.

The reason that I still recommend Humanatic are as follows below:

  • You can work whenever you want
  • You will not have to talk to customers on the phone
  • Pays every week
  • No experience needed
  • Cash contest/bonuses
  • Allows for background noise
  • No age requirement

It is also one of the few work at home jobs that you could even abandon for a while and come back to whenever you are ready to start working again.  You will not lose your job even if you have to stop working for a period of time.

Humanatic has implemented some changes that can be a big help to their over 50 thousand call reviewers from all over the world.  They have revamped their official website of which you can see a screencast below.  It explains exactly what you will be doing and what you need to get started.

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They even have a forum for their members who have additional questions about Humanatic to help them get their questions answered right away.  Humanatic even has a smartphone app available on Google Play for you to download for free to enable their call reviewers to answer a simple question about each call while they are on to go.  This means that you do not have to be tied down to a computer or have to have one in order to work from home.  All you need is a smartphone.

Humanatic is always looking for more reviewers to work for them.  You will never have to pay any fees at all.  All you need is a verified PayPal account in order to get started.

Is there a way to earn more at Humanatic?

Many of you are aware that Humanatic pays per call and the pay is somewhat low.  But there are some ways that you can earn even more with Humanatic.  How?  Make sure that you visit my official website at and read the article page in which Humanatic themselves reveals some tips and answers some questions on how you can earn more as a call reviewer.

You can see some of my bonuses from Humanatic below and more payment proofs on Instagram.


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How to apply for Humanatic?

Make sure that you visit Humanatic’s official website here to apply online.

If you would like a list of some more non-phone work-at-home jobs that you can do right from your computer, please visit this page.  If you are a teenager and need more legitimate work-at-home jobs like Humanatic, check out this list of sites here.

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Annie · September 10, 2015 at 8:25 am

I had the worst experience with this company and would not ever recommend them to anyone. The training that I received at the time stunk and there was a certain someone with the company who I won’t name the made you feel like a fool for asking questions. If this was the last wah company on the earth I would rather starve than ever have anything to do with them again.

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