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Yes, it is true, there is some data entry work at Humanatic.  It is not like the traditional work at home data entry jobs where images will appear on your screen and you will key in those numbers, letters, or a combination of both as you see them displayed from your computer.  It will require you to listen to those calls and type in a summary of what you hear.  
Those jobs are categorized as “call summary” tasks on Humanatic.  In this post, I will explain exactly what those tasks involve and how much you can earn doing these from home.
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What are Call Summary jobs at Humanatic?

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Call Summary jobs available on Humanatic are simply an overview or overall summary of any and everything that was discussed in the particular phone conversation.  You will be responsible for typing in everything that gets discussed in each phone call.  This does not mean that you have to type it word for word per say, but you will dictate everything you just heard featuring the main points, different discussion points, and any other details that were discussed during the call.

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For example, if the phone call mentioned a specific model car, year, prices, employee’s name, and so forth, you would type this in your summary report.  Because this particular task is so detail oriented, you will need good listening skills and proper grammar and punctuation in order to remain active in this category.

Here are a couple of call summary examples below

Ty answers.  The caller asks if there are any Pre-owned Camrys.  Agent say yes and they range from $13k to a little over $20k.  Agent says the price and mileage vary by vehicle.  Option packages are discussed.  Agent asks caller when she can come in.  The caller says her fiance will come in.  Sales appointment set.  The caller says thank you.  Call ends.

Jennifer answer at first.  Caller Chris is responding to a call from Jessica.  Call transfers to Jessica.  The call is about a 2011 F250.  Chris is interested, but he doesn’t think he qualifies for financing because he’s between jobs.  Jessica promises to look into financing options and follow up.  No specific pricing numbers were discussed. The caller had shared his contact information on a previous call.

As you can see from the examples listed above, the call summaries should be between 5 and 12 sentences.

So how much can you make doing call summary tasks from Humanatic?  

It depends on the call availability and your typing speed and accuracy.  Humanatic pays $.20 per summary and the calls last a couple of minutes or so (for the most part).  If you are able to do 40 calls in an hour that is equivalent to $8 an hour.  This figure does not include any bonuses you may receive throughout the day.

I have completed some of these myself and I like it because it is a change of pace from the other tasks available there on Humanatic.  You still have the option of working as much as you want on your own schedule completing the call summary tasks also.

If you have recently gotten a job with Humanatic, these tasks may not be available to you yet. When you get promoted, you will see more tasks available when you log into your dashboard. Those call summary tasks will eventually show up also.

If you like to type and are looking for a legitimate company that will pay you to do this, try applying for Humanatic today.  You can apply online on their official website here.  Are you already doing some of the call summary tasks from Humanatic?  Leave me your comments below.

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