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Virtualbee which was formerly known as Keyforcash has made a few changes since it rebranded and changed its official name in the fall of last year.  I was wondering how this change would affect those who currently work for this company and those who would like to work for Virtualbee.  This article explains what work you were responsible for doing at Virtualbee and how it has changed for the better.

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At the time, Virtualbee only had data entry assignments for you to complete from home. Legitimate data entry work is very hard to find but this is one of the few companies that will pay you to do this work from your home computer or laptop.

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The great thing about this company is that you can do this in your spare time.  You can work whenever you want for as long as you want to.  All you have to do is to log out of your session and log back in when you are ready to work.  You get paid every single week by check, as long as you reach your payment threshold.  The payment threshold for Virtualbee at this time is $30.  It is a great way to earn extra income, especially if you like to type.

In case you haven’t heard, Virtualbee is now offering even more opportunities for you to earn money from home.  If you don’t particularly like to type, they have other tasks that you can do from home.  They just recently rolled out their Smart Crowd portal which is in its beta phase for those who already work at Virtualbee to complete assignments for Lionbridge.

Lionbridge work at home Jobs

Lionbridge is another legitimate company that has several work at home jobs there on its website.  Some of these include web search evaluator, Internet assessor, crowd worker, web content assessor, ad assessor, Internet content judge, and many other jobs.  Many of the jobs at Lionbridge do not require you to have any experience to get started.  Although, you will have to take testing in order to qualify to work for this company. They hire people from all around the world not just in the United States, which is great for those who live in other countries.

Due to this, you now have the option of completing tasks where you will verify business and company addresses, their contact listing, and so forth.  You can also complete phone verification tasks from home, where you will call various businesses to get their fax number and any other details that may be required.  The tasks are very simple and the instructions are listed online for you to read over to help you complete each task.  After you have completed a couple of tasks, you will get a lot faster at doing them.

So what does all this really mean?  It means more work for you, which in turn equals more money.  This will help you to reach and meet your payment threshold faster so that you can get your check in the mail.  This is exciting news for anyone looking for a legitimate work at home job.

If you haven’t already applied to work for Virtualbee, please do so today.  You can apply online right now.  There will be a short evaluation test that you will be required to take prior to being invited to work for Virtualbee.  If you need help passing the test, please watch the YouTube video below that I made about how to improve your score or pass the test for Virtualbee.  Please keep in mind that you can take the test every single day if you are not satisfied with your score.  Here is a breakdown of some of the benefits of working from home for Virtualbee.

Benefits of working at home for Virtualbee
  • No set schedule
  • Weekly pay
  • Pays by check
  • No quiet work environment needed
  • Jobs and tasks are easy
  • Can use computer or laptop
  • More work
  • More money

How much will you earn?  Most people earn around $6 to $7 per hour to type in images for Virtualbee.  This figure depends upon how fast you type and also how accurately you type.  With the addition of the tasks from Lionbridge, there is a potential to earn even more.  How much more?  It is hard to say because it is still in the beta phase or beginning stages, but I would expect around $8 to $9 per hour or even higher depending upon how fast and accurately you completed your tasks.  If you would like to work for this company, go to their official website today and apply online.

Click here to go to Virtualbee.


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