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Is it really possible to make money writing online?  Would you like to earn a full-time income from home every single month?  Are you still looking for a work at home job but constantly get rejected or do you never hear back from the company?  How frustrating this can be.  Writing for legitimate companies or your own blog or website may just be the answer to your solutions.
This article explains exactly how you can do this, what it will take, and how you can be successful writing content for your own blog or website or for others.  Keep in mind that will take some hard work and dedication but it can pay off if you apply yourself and consistently post quality content.
Step 1
First, try to think of a topic or subject to write on. If possible, try to write about something that you have knowledge about or are interested in. It could be about your love of sports, the economy, celebrities, your favorite foods, you could review a new store or restaurant, music, or any subject or topic that you want to. You could even pick a topic and put your own spin on it.
Step 2
Next, tell the reader what this article will accomplish. Whether it is solving a problem, answering a question, providing them with valuable tips, for entertainment purposes only (by that I mean it is funny, comical), etc. The beginning of your article should contain at least 3 sentences at the minimum. If you would like to add more, that would be fine also.
For the body of your article or post, you will want to explain to the reader how they will accomplish whatever your article or blog post is about. If you will be discussing “How to Make Apple Pie” for example, you will want to go over the ingredients as well as the instructions and any other information that you deem necessary to include.
Step 3
The end of your post should be a conclusion or summary of the article itself. At this point, you may want to invite your reader to take action. For example, Now you are ready to make that apple pie for all your friends and family.
When you are writing an article to submit to a company or your own blog or website, it would be a good idea to include a photo or photos within your post. You can add one or two for visual effects. It will stimulate the reader and capture their attention. If it is for an apple pie recipe, they will see that apple pie come to life in your post not only in their minds but with the photo that you included. This will also encourage them to prepare the recipe and make it. People love to see pictures. Especially beautiful ones.
You could also include a video with your article. This will help to answer any questions they may have and possibly add more value to your content. You could either make your own video or pick a related video on YouTube or whatever you prefer. Keep in mind that the video is not necessary, simply a suggestion. The photos are highly recommended for each article or post that you write, unless the company only wants you to submit and write the content, like Textbroker,, Constant Content, and others.
In general, your article or blog post should contain around 500 words. This is not always the case but you could use this as a guideline when creating content online. If your post will cover a lot of information, you can certainly have more than 500 words. You just want to make sure that there will be enough content for the search engines to read and pick up. Some companies will specify a word count per article. As a general rule the more words you write, especially for companies like Textbroker and London Brokers, the more you will earn.
These tips can also be applied when you are creating content for your own blog or website. This may be something that you will decide to do in the future. Writing for companies online will give you the confidence and experience to write for your own blog or website and earn a very good income at home. It will also build up the writing portfolio that you use when applying to other writing companies online.
Starting your own blog or website is basically the same process because you need content for your blog or website, otherwise, your blog will be empty and you will not keep your blog readers there. It would be similar to having a home with no furniture. Content adds life to your blog and gives it flavor, personality, and so forth.
Having said that, when you write, allow your own personality to shine through. If you would like to add some humor to your posts, by all means do so. If you want to give it an edge, put something controversial in your post. It’s been said that controversial posts get more attention. A post like “5 Reasons Why Tiger Woods Should Quit Golf”. This is just an example and something that came to the top of my mind. I personally would not write a post about this. The main thing is to let your unique voice speak through your content. If you are writing for an individual or specifically for research purposes only, this would not be recommended, unless they specify they are looking for someone who is funny and witty, or charismatic.
Another thing to keep in mind is that the more you write the more you will earn. This is also true whether you submit your content to writing companies online or you write for your own blog or website. You will keep your readers stimulated, intrigued, and coming back for more. They will be anticipating your next article or post. This is exactly what you want to accomplish when writing. You want to establish a bond with your readers and they will become a part of your online extended family. They will share your content with their friends, and their friends, and so on, if they really like it.
Here is an example of an article or post
How to Eat Out For Less Than $20 a Day
Would you like to eat a fabulous Italian meal every now and then? Or dine at your favorite restaurant but you can’t afford to do so. There are many people who would love to take a break from cooking and treat themselves to a fine meal. If you are one of those people but have reservations because you are on a limited budget, I will show you how you can eat out for less than $20 a day.
Here are some practical tips you can try.
Tip # 1  Eat during lunch hours. You can still get the same delicious meals for less.
Tip # 2  Use Groupon. Go to their official website and look for restaurants in your local area. They have incredible deals……….
(Include all your tips in the body of your article and explain how to do this)
(You can also include a photo in the body of your article or at the beginning)
Conclusion: Now that you know how to eat out for less, all you have to do is make reservations. You can treat yourself and your entire family out for a much-deserved meal.
(Try to get the reader to take some action in the conclusion of your article or post).
You could definitely incorporate this strategy into your own blog or website and definitely reach and even exceed your goal of earning a full-time income from home.  Some writers or bloggers earn a 6 figure salary or at least a few hundred dollars a month.  Of course, do not expect these results overnight.  It will take some hard work. But if you are determined to work from home and earn a living writing online, you can accomplish your goal. Before you know it, you will be sharing with others your strategy for earning money from home.
As I mentioned earlier, I did start writing for companies online and this can also be profitable. It helped me to gauge which articles were generating the most discussions, interest, and feedback and that is what I decided to center my blog around.
The more you write, the better you will get at it. It will become second nature for you. If you want to reach your goal, I would jump right into writing. Start as soon as you can.
The companies that I mentioned earlier do not require you to have any previous writing experience at all. You can even make a career out of writing. I love it and only wished that someone told me how to do so because I would have done this sooner. I wrote an article a few months ago about how you can earn $100 a month writing for Hubpages which you can read here. Of course, there are many writers that earn quite a bit more than that. I wrote it to show people that you can really earn money writing online. I don’t write there much anymore. I mostly write my blog and website. You can read the article here if you like. I also made a video about how you can start your own blog or website as well and a video about Hubpages. is a website that you might also want to write for because they pay upfront for your content. It is around $93 per article for a guide, if you haven’t watched it already here is a video I made about this company.
Again, these are just some tips and methods that I have tried that have worked for me. Once you start writing and get into the groove of writing, you will find that sometimes the articles will write themselves. If you have writer’s block or find yourself searching for content. Try to do a review of a company, product, service, etc. You can also do a question-and-answer post. I incorporate this method on my own blog frequently. This strategy seems to work for me.  Do whatever is most comfortable for you.  Have fun with it and start writing!
For a list of online writing companies that will pay you for your content, please click here and scroll down the page to the post entitled “21 Sites That Will Pay you to write upfront”.


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