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10 New Websites that pay you to write online

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Are you looking for a way to make real cash online to write articles in your spare time?  If so, there are some companies that are currently in need of writers to submit content on a variety of topics right from the comfort of your home.  Before you send in your submissions, please make sure that you keep these points in mind so that you can get as many paid writing gigs as possible.

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  •  Research each company – Make sure that you find out as much about each company as possible so that you can become familiar with them and have a better perspective of their subject matter/content.
  • Read previously published articles – It would also be a good idea to read over some of their published articles so that you will have an overall view of the writing style each company is looking for.
  • Write original content – Only write content that you have researched and written.  Do not (under any circumstances) write content that has been written by anyone else and try to publish it as your own.  This is one of the easiest ways to get banned.
  • Follow all rules – If a particular company tells you to put a double space between paragraphs or to submit pictures with your content, make sure that you do exactly what is stated and read over all of their instructions carefully.
  • Photo submissions – If you are going to submit a photo along with your article, make sure that you have permission to use it or have a license to do so.
  • Have interest/knowledge in the subject – In most cases, you are not required to be an expert or have previous writing experience in order to get a paid writing gig but it would be better if you either have a strong interest in the topic matter or knowledge about the articles you are going to write.
  • Decide if you will work Part or Full Time – Before you venture into writing, make sure that you consider whether you will want to pursue writing online for extra cash on a full or part-time basis.  Only select gigs that will fit your preference based on your schedule and availability.
  • Double-check your work – Before you send in your article for submission, make sure you check and double-check your work beforehand.  You will want to look for any grammatical or clerical errors that you may have made.  This will save you some time and stress from having to go back and correct your mistakes.

Now you are ready to start applying to some paid writing gigs.  Here are some new companies and websites that will pay you to write online.

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Quietly – This company connects publishers with brands and is looking for writers to submit articles and blog posts for new writing projects.  Pays twice a month.

Scary Mommy – This site is looking for highly relatable and general humor material in the form of lists and short essays.  They will pay $100 per piece.

We Got This Covered – This company is currently looking for video game news/feature writers and reviewers, comic book movie news writers, and feature writers.  They are also in need of those who can review PC-exclusive video games.  Payment is made monthly via PayPal.

Dorkly – This company is looking for freelance writers, editors, and people to submit pictures to be used on their website.  Pays $35 for a single-page article, $75 for a multi-page article, and $25 up to $35 for a picture or item gallery.

Fan Sided – Fan Sided currently has openings for writers looking to cover television, movies, e-sports, and more.  Pays by revenue share.

A Fine Parent – This company pays contributors to write articles on parenting wisdom.  If your article is accepted, you will be paid $100 via PayPal 24 hours after the final draft.  You will need to sign up for submission notification via email.

Yoga International – Get paid for write-ups on the latest yoga-related research and instructional articles.  Pays $50 per article and $150-$200 for feature articles.

Trending Views – This company is recruiting writers to submit articles on breaking news, inspiring stories, and more.  Pays a flat rate of $2 per thousand views.  Payment is made after you have earned $25 via PayPal.

Travelicious – Make $40 per article writing travel guides for places where you live.  Payment is made on Fridays via PayPal.

Choice of Games – Looking for authors to write interactive novels or multiple-choice games.  Pays 25% royalties against a $7,500 advance or 10% royalties against a $10,000 advance.

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