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If you have a passion or desire to share your views, feelings, or experiences without having to pull out your webcam, you may like the idea of writing your thoughts down in an article or blog post.  Not only will this give you the freedom to express yourself but you will also be rewarded for your hard work in the form of extra cash.

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How much cash am I talking about?

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It all depends on who you write for, how well your content is received and how often you do so.

Some companies have been known to pay well over $100 per article.  Others a lot more and some, a little less.  I have noticed that magazine publications tend to pay higher rates but if you are just beginning thinking about writing online, you can start out with some of the smaller companies and work your way up to creating content for some of the major publishing companies.

No matter where you decide to publish your content, there are a few tips that you will want to incorporate into every blog post, article, feature, etc. when you write.

  1. Make sure that your content is original and not copied from any source online.  Even if you think your content lacks a little luster, it is much better to do the best you can and create it yourself rather than be critiqued or ostracized for stealing someone else’s content.
  2. Stay on topic.  Try to have the title or theme in mind when you write your content.  Details can add flavor to your content and make it more informative but make sure that it is related to the topic at hand.
  3. Incorporate your personality and style into your writing.  For example:  If you were writing an article about, “How to Work out in less than 30 minutes a day” with some helpful tips on which exercises are most effective, use language and words that you would really say if you were giving these tips to someone in person.  Just make sure that your sentence structure, grammar, and punctuation are of good quality.
  4. Use complete sentences.  Try not to use abbreviated or broken words when you are writing content to companies online for payment.
  5. Proofread and edit your own content.  This is very important to do when writing content that will be published online.  Before you submit your article, read and re-read your article again to look for misspellings or any kind of improvements that you can make so that you will earn the most money for your hard work.

If you feel that your writing is not up to par just remember that your writing skills will continue to improve over time.  Just as the old saying goes, “practice makes perfect”, this is also true when it comes to writing.

Writing online can prove to be a steady source of income for you so don’t overlook this market because content is in great demand on the Internet today!  Here are a few companies that are looking for original content that you can apply online for payment.



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