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It is not as difficult as it used to be a few years ago to find legitimate companies that hire people to work virtually.  But what may be a challenge is trying to get hired for a company.  Some of the reasons why some are not able to get employment from home include but are not limited to lack of experience or computer equipment, companies that may not hire in their state or country, short-term work, unable to pass a test or assessment required for a job and various other reasons.

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For some, these factors may have slowed down or stopped their job search altogether.  If you fall into this category or just happen to be a person that prefers to work for yourself, I have a few ideas that you can try to still have the goal of being able to make money from home without working for someone else.

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You may assume that it is next to impossible to do this without having some kind of skill or connections, but that is not necessarily true.  There are hundreds and even thousands of people who are able to earn money from home on their own, without having a blog or website and only basic or minimal skills.  What are they doing and how can you make it work for you?  I will explore a few options that you can try in this post.

Make an app

It sounds a lot harder than it really seems.  There are several sites that have the drop and drag feature that makes it simple for anyone to use from anywhere to create their own app and make it available on Amazon, Google Play, and iTunes.  You can monetize your app(s) by charging a fee for others to download your app or having in-app features.  There are several sites that will help you do this listed here.  App Geyser, My App Builder, and others.

Self-Publish a Book and More

Have you ever dreamed about publishing your very own book?  If so, don’t let this unique opportunity escape you because there are a lot of companies like Createspace, Amazon Direct Publishing, and Blurb that make it easy and free for you to create and sell your own books and other content.  You can even create your own children’s book as a memento for your kids and sell it for lifetime royalties.  You can also self-publish in other genres such as non-fiction, mystery, teens, and young adults.  It is completely free to get started.  Give it a try if you dare to dream and see your name published on your very own book in major bookstores, libraries, Amazon, and elsewhere.


A newsletter is another creative way for you to make money from home because you can recommend items and products to your subscribers for a commission.  In order to do this, you will need to know what your audience is interested in and promote those kinds of offers.  If you are unsure, you can always promote freebies because everybody always loves to get something for free! You will need to sign up with some affiliate programs and companies like Shareasale, Panthera Network, and others to earn extra income.  I personally use and recommend Madmimi because it is free and very user-friendly.  You can also try sites like Constant Contact for your newsletter needs.

Sell Your Services

Use sites like Fiverr or LivePerk to sell your creative, fun, or random gigs online to others in exchange for cash.  You can offer to write an article, type a document, sing a message to someone, do product reviews for others, be a follower of someone on social media and so much more.

With Videos

If you like making videos and wouldn’t mind sharing your makeup tips, give advice on how to care for your hair, get healthy and fit, and anything in between, you can sign up for a Google Adsense account and make and publish videos on YouTube on almost any subject or topic.  Even if you are camera shy, you can still do this to earn a pretty decent income by playing videos, with tutorials by using a screen recorder, with animation, whiteboards, or cartoons.  You can also record your voice and show your hands cooking your favorite dishes or recipes and with product reviews.  As long as you have earned $100 for the month, you will get paid monthly for your original content on your very own YouTube channel.

Discussion Board/Forum

You can start your very own forum or online discussion board where others can use this platform to talk about issues that affect them.  You can monetize your forum with advertising or even sell available ad space on your forum.  VBulletin is one of the more powerful and popular professional forum software themes that you can use today.


Another way to make money from home is to consult with others and give them advice.  If you like helping others and you have an idea of what kind of advice you would like to offer, this would be a perfect avenue for you to pursue.  You will need to charge a set rate per increment of time.  Make sure that it will be worth your while.  The best place to offer your expertise would be on your own blog or website where you can have more control over your rates and keep all of your earnings but you can also use sites like Clarity, Live Person, and others.

If you are very ambitious, you can try as many of the ideas as you have time for that I have listed in this post.  Even if you have already applied to a work at home company and you are waiting to hear back from them or you would eventually like to work for yourself, you could try one of these in the meantime to see how it will work out for you.  You may be surprised at the results and earnings you receive and decide to abandon the idea of working for other people entirely and working for yourself.  You could even inspire others to do the very same thing as you venture toward your goal of working for yourself.

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