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In this day and age finding ways to save or make money is on the top of virtually everyone’s to-do list.  The recent development of the Checkout51 smartphone app has found a way to provide its users with both of those options.  This is a 100% free app that you simply download onto your smartphone, sign up with all of your basic information and start your money saving/money earning journey.

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How to use Checkout51

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Once you sign up with Checkout51 you are able to browse through a list of current offers they have for grocery items.  These items can be anything from a gallon of milk to an anti-aging cream. Afterward, you can go to any retail store or even shop online and purchase the item or items and then upload your receipt to Checkout51.  In about 48 hours, Checkout51 will confirm your receipt and credit your account with the cashback you’ve earned.

Benefits of Using Checkout51

One benefit of this app is that there is nothing to print out.  This saves you the time of having to sift through hundreds of coupons at the checkout line.  Even more so, unlike most other apps similar to this one, there is no specific store or company that you have to make your purchases.  You are able to shop online or at any store that is convenient for you.  Plus, there are new offers updated on the app every Thursday, ensuring that there is always a way for you to earn some cash back.

Also, you can let your balance build up to $20 or more and then request to cash out.  Checkout51 will send you a reimbursement check in the mail!

Checkout51 $500 Giveaway

Checkout51 is one of the few apps that gives away $500 each month to one of its members.  This is just another reason to join Checkout51 because you might be a winner!

Did you know that Checkout51 allows you to upload your receipts from your computer?  This is a helpful feature for those who do not have a smartphone.  You can still earn cashback from Checkout51 without one.

Why Stay at Home Moms and Dads Should Use Checkout 51

All stay-at-home moms and dads should be using the Checkout51 app for a variety of reasons. One of the biggest reasons is because it can save them an abundance of time and money.  With Checkout51, you can purchase the item offered by the app and still use a store coupon or manufacturer coupons, giving them triple the savings.  Kroger eliminated triple coupons, but you can still obtain this with this app.

It is also a more convenient way to save on your grocery bill without having to clip, print, mail, or collect your coupons.  The time that you save can now be spent taking care of the children, cooking, cleaning, and other important tasks.

Once you have reached your payment threshold, you can use that reimbursement check to spend money on other things that you need or want when you couldn’t do so before.

Who can join Checkout51?

Anyone.  As long as you live in the United States or Canada, you can be a member of Checkout51.

How to join Checkout51

Download the Checkout51app here and start maximizing your earnings right now!


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