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Make Money Online with Avon – Tips for Selling

Are you looking for a legitimate, practical way to make money from home?  Would you prefer to work for yourself and have more control over your time and schedule?  Are you passionate about the products and items that you purchase?  If so, you can be an Avon Rep and start your own online business.

Avon has been around for more than 100 years now helping women to be independent and contribute financially to their family’s household.  If you would like to try something different and are willing to put some effort, you can be an ambassador for Avon and even earn a good living for each product you sell.

I was first introduced to Avon as a little girl when my mother became an Avon rep.  I especially loved their body lotions and bubble bath soaps.  I still use some of these products today but Avon has certainly come a long way in advancing products that can revitalize and renew your skin, make you look younger, and feel pampered.

I recommend giving Avon a try because it is one of the most affordable businesses around today.  In fact, you can get started as an Avon Rep for just $25!  This quick starter kit includes 4 full-size products, 4 minis, 20 samples + 43 catalogs/brochures, sales tools, and more:

Not to mention the fact that you will get your very own eStore where customers can buy and purchase Avon products from the convenience of their homes any time of the day or night.  Right now is a good time to be an Avon Rep because they have select products on sale for up to 65% off.  And if your customers are Ebates members (which I highly recommend) and shop at your Avon store, they will get an additional 2.5% cashback on their purchases.  As an added bonus, you will get $10 just for trying Ebates which is free!

Ideas for Selling Avon on Social Media


Due to the popularity of the internet, it is now so much easier to sell Avon on your favorite social media sites.  You could also write blog posts on your own blog or website.  Bluehost has everything you need to get a blog for just $3.95 per month – Sign up here.  If you are thinking of starting a blog, check out my book on Amazon “How to make Everyday Blogging for Full-Time Income” or even take my online course right now on Udemy entitled “How to start a Blog with Blogger or WordPress” for a big discount here.  You will find everything you need to know about how to set up your blog, get photos, write content, get traffic, make money with it, and more.  You can get the course even cheaper with Ebates using the coupon link above.

You can also write short blurbs on forums, guest post on other people’s blogs, or even pay to advertise on their blog to highlight Avon products currently on sale, start your own YouTube channel and promote your business there, get business cards from Vistaprint (which I love by the way), create engaging pins on Pinterest, set up a Facebook business page to promote your Avon store, include your Avon store on Facebook Groups, forum communities and more.  Having Avon parties at your home would also help to increase your sales.

Top 5 Reasons to Sell Avon

Avon Perks

If you are a person that does not want to be committed to a full-time job working almost every day of the week for 7 or 8 hours a day, then Avon may be the perfect solution for you.  Avon allows you to work either on a part or full-time basis according to your lifestyle.  Here are some other perks of being an Avon Rep.

Sign up as an Avon Rep Today

It is one thing to have a job that you are required to perform but it is quite another to have one that you actually enjoy doing and look forward to.  That is the difference with being an Avon Rep.  You will get to recommend products to your family, friends, and others that you love and can help to make a difference in their lives.  Don’t hesitate to give it a try.  Sign up to be an Avon Rep here.

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