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Why Amazon?  It is the easiest place for you to publish and upload your content online.  Amazon is one of the leading sellers of ebooks due to the popularity of the Amazon Kindle and the Kindle Fire.  As a matter of fact, by the end of 2011 millions of Amazon Kindles were sold and Amazon has yet to release the official number but it just goes to show that there is a potential for you to be able to use this to your advantage and publish your own content.  If you are already blogging online, you can write a book.  Even if you are not blogging but have interests that you would like to share with others, you can also write a book.  Browse around Amazon and see what kinds of books they are currently selling and what you would like to read yourself.  This may even help you to decide what you would like to write a book on.  

More and more people today are making the transition from hardcover and paperback books to ebooks.  You may possibly be one of those people.  This trend is likely here to stay which would mean a lot of exposure for your you and your books.  I just made a video on this very topic to tell you exactly how I did it for free!  Absolutely no cost at all.  You can do it too!  Why not start today.  You have nothing to lose and much to gain.  Please leave me your comments if you have any questions or if you feel that the video was helpful.

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